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Arms/Hands Numbness and Tingling

Hey everyone my arms and hands feel like there numb, sore, tight, and they fatigue very fast, They also fall asleep very quickly its almost like im not getting anyblood flow to them. Im a Plumber so when im installing faucets my arms and fingers get fatigued very quickly and its hard to work! Im not sure whats causing this and i have tryed to find answers online. Im on Cycle Test-e 500 mg a week with var 60 mg ED, and started takeing Deca at 200 mg once a week for joint pain, this problem was happening before i started Deca. Anybody have any ideas?

First thing to come to my mind is blood flow. Or carpal tunnel syndrome.

So the gear is causing carpal tunnel syndrome because i never had this problem before?

Could also be a pinched nerve in your shoulder but its unlikely if its happening to both. I’ve got severe cramping from Var

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Im pretty sure its not a pinched nerve could my arms be overworked from lack of sleep or fatigue?

Carpal tunnel is known for hand/finger numbness but not arms. I’d get it checked out.

Have you done labs lately? Cbc and thyroid?

Are you running an AI? It sounds like your estrogen is high, causing you to hold on to a bunch of water in your muscles, which I believe pinched nerves and cuts off circulation to some degree. This happens to me every cycle, esp with D-bol + testosterone.

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No i am not running an AI, it is not neede my hormone levels are well balanced

If it is carpal tunnel then it’s a 5 min (or less) procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. I’m in the ortho field and if your hands are numb you should get them checked out asap. Though it’s likely not a big deal, I’ve seen people wait too long and have major problems that could have easily been fixed earlier.

Symptoms only started on 6 th week of cycle most joint pain is gone just in the hands i have a bit of swelling my rings dont fit on my fingers but i did gain 15 pounds since. But hands and feet fall asleep very easily hands get fatigued very easily when working in tight spaces. As for grip when im working out there are no problems.

you gained 15lb that fast that is definitely water

Gained 15lb in 6 weeks. With a very strict diet and workout routine to gain that weight, im Also on Anavar so it keep my body very dry, i check my weight 4 times a day morning, before workout,after and before bed to track my weight, i dont think it is water weight

That’s water weight. You don’t gain massive size in the fingers in 6 weeks. You’re bloating enough to restrict flow or cause nerve inpingement in certain positions.


I didnt say massive size i said swelling, swelling has gone down back to normal and im same weight! It depends on the day

For Christ’s sake just take your AI you’ll feel better. No reason to wait till yur listening to Barbara Strisand with a 3rd nip.
Fyi yes Var can be crampy double down on fish oil & hydrate. Also liver Support isn’t a bad idea…but take an AI & no reason to weigh yourself 4x a day every 2 weeks dry after u duece is fine

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