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Arms Going Numb


i have a problem with my arms while squatting. for some reason when i squat they go numb about halfway through the set. at the end of the set i cant even move my fingers for a few seconds but the blood comes back okay for my next set. it is really fucking annoying and i figure i am gripping the bar or doing something in a fucked up way. any ideas as to the cause?


One of my clients used to have that happen with barbell lunges, when I told him to try placing the barbell lower (or higher, it was a while ago) on his traps the problem went away.


happens to me too, i dont know why.

my doctor said it could be a pinched nerve but why would a pinched nerve cause feeling to slowly disipate rather than immediately?

im more inclined to believe it has to do with poor circulation than nerves though. it happens when i walk home from the T too cause i have my bag on.


your grip is probably too close.


It's your ulnar nerve.


How much weight are you using and how low is the bar resting on your shoulders?

Also, what sort of a rep range are you using?

All the above could be contributing factors...


well, fuck me.