Arms don't match

Hi guys, I’m an 18 year old 5’11. 200lb. I’ve been training seriosly for about a year and half now and I’ve gained 50lb of muscle since I started. My body fat is about 9-10%. I’m very satisfied with my progress. My chest is very large and my legs are massive, yet my arms aren’t growing. The even look awkard compared to the rest of my body. I’ve started powerlifting programs for the past 3 months, and I feel that I’m growing throughout my body, but the arms just wont grow. Any tips?

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of good advice. A lot of people will tell you to read the FAQ. I would suggest increasing the frequency and intensity of your arm workouts. Look at Poliquin’s first article at T-mag. After you’ve gotten quite strong (the full course of the program) look into using HST principals on your arms.

Oh yeah (this is for forum oldies), I’ve heard that you have to put on 15 lbs of full-body mass to increase your arms by one inch.

Train your arms first in the workout and first in the week. I would imagine that you probably would want to adopt a hypertrophy training program(8-10 reps)but that is probably obvious information. I tried Ian kings 12 week arm specialization workout and it was awesome. I highly recommend doing that program. You won;t be disapointed. Oh yah and all the usual stuff, make sure your diet is in order and you are getting plenty of protein and ample carbs to build muscle.
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i hear you. i got some pretty long arms and really they look way small still. legs are ok. back and chest not too shabby… good shoulders dwarf these socalled biceps… luckily i just bought winning the arms race and im waiting on edt for arms to come in the mail. i am confident that ONE of those will help.

Ian King’s program was called Great Guns. You can the first phase (of 4) here:

Neil, I think that you should start a heavy Gold Bond regimen. Every time you eat, pack on a little GB. By the end of the day, you’ll have no choice but to make your arms bigger.

try using the edt arm program, just use the search engine to find it

I also recommend EDT for arm training. I’ve been using EDT (not the specific arm program), and have made some good gains in arm mass. I feel like they get a good workout each time too! The only other thing that has worked for me is just plenty of high volume once or twice a week. I have long, lean arms, so it’s hard for me to put much muscle on them, and they also look out of proportion to my chest and back.

maintain your other body parts while you prioritize your arms. Do this for 6 weeks and see what kind of results you get. There is really no way of getting the arms bigger without specific arm work. check out this web site and enter your wrist size circumference. It gives you ideal measurements for the rest of your body parts and allow you to see what kind of proportionality you have. laters pk

The advice so far is really good and I can’t add much too it except to say Don’t forget that grip type is a factor. For instance, MRI studies show that performing a cable pushdown with a neutral grip works all 3 heads of the tricep significantly whereas performing it with a overhand grip only optimally taxes 2 of the 3 heads. Of course, this redounds to more degradation/reconstruction and, therefore, greater mass in the long run. Little insights like this are helpful when trying to gain lean mass. Do some research on grip positions and angle used (e.g., differing angles on the preacher bench). Good Luck.

pkradgreek, that website has made me VERY depressed!! I entered in my wrist size, and my biceps come in about 3/4" below what it says :frowning: I knew it!! Well, time for some arm specialization for me too!!

look that website i mentioned in the previous post is just an estimation, for some guys the figures would be too large or small. It all depends on how you want to look. I believe that body fat levels should be kept low to point of being able to see muscle striations when the muscle is flexed. So A goal should not just be to hit a certain size only, but also a certain look and muscle shape. just analyze and go for what you want. have patience. laters pk