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Arms Day

Okay, long story short, I subloxed my right shoulder twice about two weeks ago playing in a football game. So now I can’t do any lifting involving the shoulders for the next 6-8 weeks.

So basically my thought was to have two legs days and two arms days (arms day will consist of any movement from the elbow down… so in other words no shoulder movement like I had mentioned.)

I already have my two legs days planned, but I’ve never really done much DIRECT arm work in the past, except for various presses for triceps (which are now out of the question.)

So I was wondering if anyone could provide me with two arm workouts I could do (involving bis, tris, and forearms/grip muscles.) Or any help in designing this.

Or any other help in my situation is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

preacher curls, tricep pushdowns and hammer curls

Well, you do realize that both biceps and triceps are shoulder muscles as well as arm muscles, you sure your shoulder can take it?

Good luck on trying NOT to get your shoulder involved.

Maybe try going light on some bicep/tricep machines but you’ll probably aggravate your shoulder with any sort of movement.

man i tore my labrum and had surgery last year for it. only movements where your elbows are at your sides, so curls, tricep extensions, reverse curls, etc… But be careful!! dont use your shoulder at all. any time you feel the injury, your re aggravating it. took me an extra 3 months rehab to learn that

[quote]AssClown wrote:
Good luck on trying NOT to get your shoulder involved.[/quote]

This will be the tough part. Your best bet is to go with various machines and use really strict form (obviously).

As far as individual exercises are concerned, to avoid using the long head of the bicep (the one that crosses the shoulder capsule), all of your curling variations should be done with the elbow in front of your body (preacher curl, spider curl, etc). For variations, try different grips (offset, reverse, etc).

For the tricep, you’ll avoid using the long head by avoiding overhead tricep exercises. Again, different grips and implements are your best bet, but try to keep everything strict.

Don’t forget forearms. There should be no reason you can’t do a fair amount of grip and forearm training, if you can train bi’s and tri’s.