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Arms Are 13.6 Inches. How Long to Get to 16 Inches?

Hi I’m new here.
I’m 6ft 1/186cm, 181lbs/82kg currently start bulking a couple of days ago as I was cutting for a couple of months, my current bests are 136lbs/62kg ohp, 210lbs/95kg bench, 353lbs/160kg deadlift conventional, 330lbs/150kg squat (all 1 rep maxes). No equipment used.

My current lifts now are 107lbs/48.5kgx5, 165lbs/75kgx3 bench, 315lbs/142kgx1 deadlift and squat I didn’t do for a while because I was injured. I am currently running madcow 5x5 as I want to get stronger and strength equals size for naturals.

My arms are 13.6inches. How long until I can get to 16 inch arms? How strong do I have to get to get to 16inch arms? I know its unpredictable but I would like to know an estimate, a geuss from experience. Thanks

Did you measure cold and flexed? That’s typically how I see it done.

Are you open to having your perspective changed on this, or is your mind pretty much already made up?


I have an answer but in the interest of politeness: How long have you been doing Madcow and how much have your arms grown in that period?

I wouldn’t mind hearing something new as long as there’s an explanation to how it works

It was cold

Well its kind of all messed up since of all the coronavirus and some other problems

I can more explain how it doesn’t work vs how it works. Specifically how a natural can get stronger and not gain size.

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For starters Madcow doesn’t even have curls bro! And nothing for triceps!

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No, deadlifts, ohps, bench all of those things can get you big arms, why would I focus on accessory work?

Ok go ahead

You don’t have to focus on assistance work, but doing some might be a good idea.

I also used to think that direct arm work was pointless, then I noticed that lots and lots of really big, strong guys did it. People like pro strongmen, powerlifters and athletes, not just bodybuilders.

Edited for clarity: I still don’t do biceps work, because I’m silly and I hate it. I have very small biceps.

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I agree for the most part. Most bigger guys are stronger guys. I gained most of my size doing heavy lifting and 5x5 type programs. Last couple years I’ve been doing more body building, partly due to my increasing age. Point being a little direct arm stimulation may help. Try picking a fun day to just blast the arms and stretch the fascia with a good pump.


Because you’ve got tiny arms and want big arms.

You’d be better off in Dr. Darden’s forum.

DLs for big arms–gotta admit, that’s a new one for me.


Another 20 to 30 lbs of lean bodyweight gain at your height.


The deadlift is a major compound lift, of course my arms are going to grow, every muscle is stimulated when deadlifting.

A muscle that is stimulated but not fatigued is not trained!


Just to clarify: that’s @EyeDentist himself in his avatar. You can judge for yourself if he knows his stuff about building muscle.