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Arms 6x/Week 1 Working Set

Hey CT,
Just a follow up on your recommendation on doing arms 6 x week using 1 working set…

With this approach, should I use different intensive techniques with these 1 working sets or should I just go to failure using normal set?

Any tips would be great to see how I should approach it…

Thanks for the help

Honestly don’t overcomplicate things. Just of it. The method you use when talking about “fatigue loading” is mostly for mental reasons, if you go to failure the training effect will be pretty much the same regardless of the method.

Ok that’s some helpful information…

Just with that, with the high frequency, 6 x week, would it be better to just do normal sets to failure with no fancy fatigue loading methods… I did that today and arms felt good and felt a better pump afterwoods…

Also if there is no real difference in the training effect, what is the reason for using fatigue loading methods as in drop sets, rest pause sets?

Thanks again for the help,

To create more fatigue. More fatigue is ONE way of stimulating more gains. But the more fatigue you create the less frequency you can have.

Right makes sense… So what’s best for me is to do 1 working straight set to failure with the frequency of 6 x week?

Or should I use pre iso holds / intra iso holds for the 1 working set, or does create to much fatigue on my frequency?

Doing something like alternating each day with 1 working set of 4-6, 6-8 & 8-10, than repeat? Or just stay in the 6-8 area each day?

Thanks again,

With 1 or 2 warm ups

Stop thinking please. Just do regular sets for now. If after 3 weeks you stop progressing you might think of using a method here and there.

Don’t go down to 4-6

Anywhere between 6 and 12 is good, don’t overcomplicate it. As Wendler would say “It’s fu**ing isolation”

Ok great, did straight sets today, felt really good in the biceps and triceps, thinking has stopped!

Just for future reference, doing 6 x week if progress slows, how would you implement specific methods to continue progress?

Thanks again for the help,

Add an intensity method on two of the days, non-consecutive. Normally on the days where you do higher reps.

Ok great, I’ll let you know how I progress…

Thanks again for the help,

Hey, could one apply this type of training to a Full-body routine? 1 real work set per muscle group, 6 days per week?

It’s been done. I guess it can work. It’s not too different from my “Best Damn program…”. But I personally would not do it nor use it with clients except for some very specific cases.

My problem is that the daily program will either end up being too much volume (if you decide to use more isolated exercises) especially considering that you still need to do 2-3 warm-up sets (which do constitute volume and use up energy and ressources) OR be too draining on the nervous system if you use big compound movements trained to failure or close to it |(which is used in the arm program I recommended).

If you are deadest on doing this approach for the whole body you would likely have to use a combination of a “Grease the groove/Norweggian powerlifting” approach where the big lifts are done frequently, for low reps but not anywhere lose to failure; with some isolation work thrown in there.

Go read this article:

And to that you would add A FEW (95% of the population will add too many) isolation exercises trained with 1 work set to failure. I would not do more than 4 isolation exercises per workout.

Something like:

Much appreciate the response and your time.

Hey CT,
Just on doing the arms 6 x week, could you do on 2 of the days use blood flow restriction using the protocol 1 round x 30, 15, 15, 15? Super setting triceps with biceps to flood blood and nutrients to the arms… As I find my arms are my weak point especially in gaining a pump and feel in the muscles so I’m thinking the BFR can help with that…

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for the help,

Yep, it’s a good method to use since it stimulates growth with zero muscle damage and is thus easy to recover from

Ok great, so should it look like this for biceps and triceps:
Sunday- 1 working set 6-12 reps
Monday- 1 working set 6-12 reps
Tuesday- Blood flow restriction 1 round
Wednesday- 1 working set 6-12 reps
Thursday- 1 working set 6-12 reps
Friday- Blood flow restriction 1 round

Thanks again for the help,