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Armpit Stains On Shirts


Without fail, any new shirt I get will eventually find itself with nasty stains under the armpits from my antiperspirant. Black shirt white stain. White shirt yellow stain. Anyone know of an antiperspirant or deodorant that doesnt cause this? What do you do to get them out? My favourite lucky shirt just isnt the same.



Wear a rag. Its cheap and disposable.


Treat the area with a stain stick before you wash each time. Something like you see here: http://www.spraynwash.com/product.html#5


Apparently, it's not the anti-perspirant, so much as what happens to your anti-perspirant in the dryer. Your same question was answered by a dry-cleaner in a GQ "style questions" type column a couple years ago. They said that the heat of the dryer leads to a reaction with the alumnimum in the anti-perspirant that causes the staining.

I tested out their reasoning on two white shirts, drying one in the dryer and hanging the other on a line for a coule weeks, and the line dried one didn't get anything resembling a stain.

with that said, I've been using arm and hammer antiperspirant lately, and haven't noticed much staining at all (and i'm drying shirts in the dryer).



So you're that guy..


1)Wash under your arms with warm water and baking soda to make sure that there is no bacteria or some other garbage that is causing the staining.

2) Go to your local drug store and ask for Certain Dri. They normally keep it behind the counter but I don't believe that it is perscription. You put it on before bed and it should cut back on sweat which often causes the staining.

Thats all I got but I would try the dryer thing too.


It might be the antiperspirant more so than the deodorant?


Try using less. For years I had the same problem. Now I use Old Spice Red Zone, which meters out how much you can use. Three clicks does the trick and my shirts don't get ruined.


Isnt there an "old trick" that has to do with putting like black tea bags wherever you sweat every few days to lessen the sweating?


Try using something with ammonia chlorohydrate (spelling?), the ingredient in Arrid XX. We use that on our feet in the army to lessen or stop sweating on the feet before ruscksack marches over long distances. Over time, the sweat glands will stop dumping all that sweat, and as a spray on it shouldn't leave a residue that will stain.


I've been using a spray N wash liquid before each wash, which seems to only slow it down. I have not however used an actual stick yet, thanks.



Than hang my shirts to dry I will! Thanks.


Hahahaha, no. Maybe I was getting there. Maybe.


It's not a problem with excess sweating. In highschool I would sweat profusely yet I never had this problem. I'm going to blame it all on T-Nation making my shirts fit tight and snug against my body,compared to when I was an awkward teenager when they flowed everywhere like a bed sheet attacking a flagpole.


I always thought antiperspirants caused this because of the aluminium, dont think deodorants have aluminium.


I'll try that too thanks.


I've been wondering lately about the ill-effects of antiperspirants. If the body sweats to remove toxins, or whatever, then trapping the sweat in the body cant be good for you. Unless it just sweats out in a different area.


Shave your pits and don't use anti-perspirant.


Dove has ads for a deodorant that supposedly doesn't stain your shirt.


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