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Armour Thryroid Safety


Is Armour thyroid safe now? I keep finding articles, albeit dated articles, questioning the safety of this product.


It is safe some people just say it is not as effective because of a new filler they are using that may be inhibiting absorption. I am using the generic version made by Acella that doesn't use the cellulose filler and I am fine...worst case scenario you could crush up the tablet and take it that way.


Thank you, will crush up just in case.


You can just chew 'em up... they don't taste too awful.


Ideally, take on an empty stomach; at least 30 minutes before eating. If you crush it up and put it under your tongue you may speed up the absorption.


Low thyroid and being over sixty is how I came to join this discussion. My doctor tried to punt me into specialist hell, and I refused to go.

I got myself some exo-USA non-USDA Levothyroxine, and read everything I could find on the subject. It turned out that just a small amount, 25 mcg/day, made a huge difference, and the cost was just pennies. My doc is happy with my labs and things are just fine.

Armour Thyroid--the OLD Armour Thyroid before it was reformulated--is for those who have T4-T3 problems. That's a whole different kettle of fish which should be discussed on a thyroid-specific forum.