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Armin's Natural Strength Log



Sunday April 15th - lower day
Squat 3x 125kg 130kg 120kg 120kg 120kg 120kg - for some reason low bar just doesn’t work for me any more. It feels awkward. First two sets were LB, and I think they’d actually be much easier had I done them HB
Dorian deadlift 120kg 3x5
Chinups 10x5
bularian squat 3x15
SL glute bridge 20kg 3x15

  • Oh and I also did a shitload of dumbbell curls last night and also two nights ago, while watching some youtube and having my protein shake, lol


Monday April 16th - Upper day
OHP 65kg 6x3
dumbbell ohp 17,5kg 3x12
Dumbell bench - tension sets 25kg 4x15
Rows 60kg 3x8
Weighted pulls 10kg 10x3
lateral raise 10kg 3x12


Tuesday April 17th - Arm Day
CG bench 80kg 2x8, 85kg 2x8
Dumbbell curls 15kg 4x10
Barbell skullcrusher 40kg 3x10
Dumbbell hammer curl 15kg 3x10
barbell tension skullcrusher 40kg 1x10, 35kg 2x10
barbell curls 40kg x8, 35kg 2x8 + drop set: 30kg x5, 20kg x6

  • Back to my normal working schedule and already much easier to get in some quality training sessions. I’m gonna push the tricep work from upper body day to this seperate arm day and work it in supersets with the biceps, that way I won’t rush it and hopefully will focus better on it.


Wednesday 18th April - lower day
Squat 8x 105kg 115kg 110kg 107,5kg
Deficit Deadlift 3x110kg 120kg 125kg 130kg 135kg - with straps
Tempo squats 80kg 3x5
goodmornings 60kg 3x8
Pullups 10x5
farmer walk 40kg 3x30 second carry
Bulgarian squats BW x12, 5kg each hand 2x12
glute bridge 40kg 3x20


Saturday April 22nd - Upper day
Paused OHP 60kg 3x3
OHP 8x 50kg 55kg 55kg 50kg
Dumbbell bench 30kg 3x12, 1x10
dumbbel row 30kg 3x10
Pullups BW+10kg 7x4
chins BW+15kg 1x4, BW x2x8
dumbbell side laterals 10kg 3x10

  • Later in the evening while watching some youtube and waiting for the rice and chicken breasts to boil:
    dumbbell curls 10kg 10+ sets completely destroyed the biceps


I’ve been pushing myself nicely lately, I’ve had doms after most sessions, especially i the chest. Dumbbells are working wonders for me. The weights used are puny compared to regular benching, but the chest is really feeling it.
Yesterday’s workout:
Sunday 22nd april - lower day
5x 115 125 130 122.5 120kg - so 130kg felt fine. Not bad. I’m hoping to start pushing closer to 140kg for sets of 5 soon.
6x100 110 110kg
8x 110 110 110kg - traps sore today, so this is working I guess
5X5 - back was sore from Saturday’s weighted pulls and rows, so didnt wanna do too much.
60kg 6x3 - first time ever doing this. I’m gonna try to do it closer to 50% RM next time. I know powerlifters usually have a completely seperate day for speed work, but I can’t afford that, plus I’m not a powerlifter, it feels great pushing the weight as fast as possible, an it certeanly beats gobley squats for me, which are kind of anoying to set up
10kg plate each hand 3x10
20KG 3X20 + 20kg 1x50regular +1x50BW