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Armin's Natural Strength Log



That sounds like a long month.


I never really had trouble fasting Ramadan. I’ve been doing it regulary since I was 14 or so. My main problem is that I’m really addicted to caffeine, so I tend to have headaches for a day or two.

I had a slight headache on the first day on Wednesday, and the other three days have been fine, managed to squeeze in a workout today before the break of fast.
One of the coolest thing is that you get so strong mentally, when not eating or drinking for 18 hours you feel like there is not a task or issue too hard that you cannot complete or solve.


Saturday 19th May - First Ramadan workout , 45 minutes before the break of fast
OHP 50kg x8, 60kg x5 + 3 - rested for 20 secs after 5 reps, and then squeezed in another 3.
Squat 105kg x8, 120kg x6, + 2 - again rested for about 20 secs and did another 2easy
Bench 80kg x8, 100kg x5 + 3- also rested 20 secs and did another 3
Deficit Deadlift 100kg x8, 110kg x8

  • I felt like I could have completed the required reps of 8 on each exercise in one go, but as soon as I felt like I was a bit dizzy or questioned the next rep I racked the weight and rested a bit.
  • I think even if I only did 2 sets per exercise this way that I might maintain my mass, because I’m still keeping the intensity. Work schedule has been messy these few days, hope to start my 3 week vacation starting from Wednesday, that way squeezing in the workout will not be so hard to do.