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Armin's Natural Strength Log

Tuesday February 6th
OHP kizen
60kg 3x5, 1x11 - a PR!!! So happy about this, knew it was coming when first sets of 5 were so easy in my arms. I even tried 12th rep but stopped half way up, I think I could have gotten it if I wasn’t so winded, rested after 10th and especially after 11th a bit too much trying to get some quality breaths, beat my delts even more with that
Front squat 85kg 1x5 - I’m gonna ditch this exercise, not ready to go throw the pain of numbing the nerves in my front delts to hold the bar, and also feel some strange yet familiar sensation in my low back when doind them, almost the same as when regular deadlifting, and I don’t wanna hurt my back, so these are a no go, instead:
tempo squats 90kg 2x5, 75kg 1x8 - count to three down and up, had one of "best " quad pains during the last set. Who knew you could beat your quads with such low weight
Dumbbel incline bench
24kg 3x10 - easy, gotta increase weight
19kg x15
60kg 3x8
50kg 1x12
Dumbbel shrugs 34kg 3x8, 24kg 1x10 - only got the form I was looking for duing the last set, didn’t go all the way down, held on top for a few seconds and really felt the burn cause of all the time under tension
-superseted this with some crunches: 4x6
Regular: 20
Parallel grip: 20
Chins: 20 - all of these done as supersets after Bench, squats and goodmornings.
triceps skullcrushers: 45kg 3x10
dumbbel curls: 14kg 4x10

  • Oh, forgot to mention, as you can see I added one extra backoff set after each of the 3 main sets for body groups, I want to see how my body will respond to the extra volume, this way it will be 14 sets of average per muscle group per week instead of 10,5 sets.
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A PR set. Sry for bad quality video

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nice oh pressing man!

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Tnx bro. How you doing? You havent posted much lately. I saw you were supposed to start living in a kind of college high school?

Thursday 8th february
115 kg 3x8 - forget about what I said last time,about backoff sets. It seems 3 sets is optimal for my recivery at the moment. Today I felt totaly beat up even before lifting. Took a lot of willpower to force myself to workout. Im gonna keep the backoff sets for easier exercises like dumbbell work
Cg bench Kizen
85 kg 3x5,1x10
90kg 3x8
Paused OHP
60kg 5 4 4 supersetted:
Dumbbell lateral raises
12kg 3x8
Pulls: 10x5
Barbell rows: 60kg 3x8

  • was too beat up to do arms

Im good how are you? I have a new log man!

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Ooh so that is why I havent been getting notifications. Im fine as well, my gym closed so now I purchased a pair of dumbbells and am back training at my home gym now, chasing a sort of program inspired by CT best damn natural, so doing whole body every other day but a bit differently then he reccomends, since my equiement is limited.
I will be sure to subscribe to your new log

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Haha yeah. Its good ur well man!

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Sat 10th Feb
Paused squat: 105kg 3x5
OHP: 55kg 3x8
Goodmornings: 60kg 3x8
Dumbbell bench: 34kg 3x8 - these were heavy
Dumbbel shrugs: 34kg 3x8
Pulls: 10x5 - in supersets after other of the above exercises
Dumbbell skullcrushers/ dumbbell hammer curl: 14kg 3x8/10

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Mon 12th feb
Squat Kizen
122.5kg 3x5 , 1x9
One arm dumbbell OHP
19kg 3x8 - an interestinf exercise. Want to rest my delts for next sessions kizen
90kg 3x8
90kg 3x8
Pulls: 40 total
Barbell skullcrushers: 40kg 3x10 supersettd with:
1 arm db conc curl: 14kg 3x8

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So I’ve decided to get more serious. Training has been going great but nutrition has not. I am around 91-92kg at the moment, and I would like to lean down very slowly to around 85kg.
I inputed my stats into a couple of the online calorie calculators and it said to maintain weight I need about 3200 calories a day,but I am going to use the formula for 85kg to help me lean down a bit faster which is 2900 cal, and I have retracted 500 cal from it so I can loose about half a kilo every week.
So this means about 2350-2400 cal every day. I already made a 3 meal a day template that has all the foods I like. I already tried it today and it is pretty good,I dont feel hungry. It will be around 130-140 grams of protein a day which seems reasonable. I use lean body mass when I calculate protein intake, and since Im about 25 percent body weight atm, thats about 66-67 kg of lean mass so it turns out I am intaking 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of lean mass.
Some feedback as well as you experience with this stuff woulde be awesone guys.

Wed 14th February
OHP kizen
61.5 kg 3x5, 1x9 -a PR with this weight as well,but didnt like how the last two reps went. I somehow leaned more to the right side as I pressed which doesnt happen normally so i gotta watch that
TEMPO squat
90kg 3x5
Incline db bench
24kg 3x12
60kg 3x8 - increase this by 5kg. Too easy
100kg with barbell for 3x6 superset 24kg dumbbells 3x8
Pulls: 50 total
Arms superset:
Dumbbell extensions: 14kg 3x12
Barbell curls sevens: 3 sets (watched the hodge twins last night. This really makes the biceps burn, it is awesome. You do 7 reps each of half way up, half way from middle to finish and finish withfull ranges of motion)

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Since @duketheslaya tagged me…

Most of that looks pretty sensible. I’d suggest subtracting 500 cal from 3200 and starting from there, though. That’ll have you at 2700 cal/day, which is probably enough to start things of and keep them moving for a couple of months at least. The lowest I went was 2300 cal/day and it wasn’t a bunch of fun (and I was around 84 kg when I did).

Thanx for the feedback bro. I’m going to take your advice and up the calories up to 2700 and track it from there to see how it goes.

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Only had 30 minutes to workout so did a quick one:
CG bench kizen
90kg 3x5, 1x10
115kg 3x8
Paused OHP
60kg 3x4
Pullups 25 total

Sun 18th February
-Paused squat
115kg x3, 110kg x4, 105kgx5
55kg 3x8
-Glute exercises - yeah, glute, fuck me right, lol. I find my glutes to be undeveloped and possibly the limiting factor in the squat.
Hip thrust, half supermans,single leg kickback - did all fo these for 12-15 reps one after the other for 3 sets, felt quite the burn in my ass area lol
90kg 3x8
70kg 3x8
Supersetted with:
Seated lateral raise: 12kg 3x6
Pulls/chins: 50 total
Barbell skullcrushers: 40kg 3x12
Dumbbell curls: 12kg 3x15

Tuesday 20th February
Squat Kizen
125kg 3x5, 1x9- a PR! Yay, happy about this

On the clip it seems easier, but while doing it definetelly had to give it all I had for that 9th rep
Dumbbell OHP
25kg 3x8
60kg 3x8
Dumbbell bench
27.5kg 2x15, 1x12
Dumbbell shrugs
27.5kg 3x15
Pullups 40

Thursday 22nd February
Had to take my car to the car electrician, apparently starter messed up, couldnt start it. Called the guy from traffic emergencies and he just bumped it with a stick a few times and told me to start the car, and voila, it turned on, lol, so just took it to the service immediately.
Anyways, I had to leave the car there, and on my way walking back was passing by a fellow cop’s house, so he and this other fellow cop been working out together at his basement, so joined them for their workout. First time working out in my jeans, lol
about 57kg 4x8 , 1x7 - the bar is much smaller then mine at home, we had 25kg on each side, and the bar look to be at least 5 to 7 kg heavy. I’d go with 7. If it is then this would be a PR for sets of 8
supersetted with pulls
seated dumbbel press
21kg 3x10
dips/chins superset
10,10,10 / 8,6,6
preacher curl / triceps pushdown superset
25kg 3x12 / 22kg 3x15

  • Well, skipped the squats today, they don’t squat too much, nor do they have the best conditions for it, but they are pretty jacked othervise. These guys both bench presse 150kg for a single, saw a video, a little bridge with the hips and a little bump from the chest but still pretty impressive!