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Armin's Natural Strength Log



Hi everyone, name is Armin, 28y old, been following 5x5 similair workout tempkates since 2010, strongest I got was in 2014, with 150x5 squat, 170x5 deadlift, 125 x5 bench and 70x5 OHP, with 93kg body weight and 175cm, but I was fat.
Past two years been a bit off, not training seriously cause if job/family related issues, but I’m finally getting back to it in a new gym, currently 87 kg body weight at about 20-21% body fat, and I wouldn’t mind staying that way.
My kind of a life time goal is 200kg squat and 100 kg ohp, I hope I can achieve it in the next few years.

I’m folowing a kind if an intermediate upper lower powerbuilding template, with arms being done in the day between and a day off afterwards. Cheers


6th October - squat and deadlifts
Squat 120kg 10 sets of 3 / superset pullups 10 x 5

Deadlift 130 kg 10x3 / superset leg press 5x8 & leg extensions 5x8


Welcome armin!


Thank you duke!
Today’s session, Oct 9, '17

Kind of merged 2 sessions into one, I usually do 3-4 workouts in the gym, and one workout at home on weekends, cause gym is closed then, but I got a lot of stuff in my home gym cause I’m moving, so training there is a no go atm.

127,5kg 5x5 - High bar PR! Feeling good about this, as deep as they get, I’ll record a video one of these days.
OHP 67,5 kg 4,3,3,2,2,1 - wanted 3x5, but too heavy at the moment, most I’ve done was 70 for 5, so Im close to all time best. Did last three sets with small rest, just ti get 15 total

Volume work: giant set: squat/bench press/ pulls
120 kg 10x3 / 102.5 kg 10x3 / 10x5

  • Did it with 90 second rest, was destroyed after this

Hypers bw + 30kg and leg press 8 plates 4x10(1min rest)
Leg curls + leg extensions 4x10

Tomorrow is rest and then bench heavy and ohp volume day on wednesday, looking forward to it.


wednesday 11th Oct - upper body day

I was moving my stuff to the upper floor in my house whole day, from 9am till about 7 pm, but still decided to go and do a quick workout, from 7.45 to 9pm.

bench - heavy day
107.5 kg 3x5 - went up pretty good, I think I got 110 in me as well
OHP volume day
62.5 kg 10x3
supersetted with:
weighted chins
BW +10kg 10x3
dmbl press + dmbl lateral raise + dmbl curl <\b> superset
5 sets of 10 reps, except the press, which I did 10,10,8,7,7 - this superset was done with 60 second rest

< actually had a video of third set of bench which I axcidentaly deleted trying to trim it, have the third set of ohp recorded, which I will put on as soon as I figure out how, lol


My bosses are really grinding my balls with these shifts, I’m supposed to work day shift, night shift and then 48 hour off, so I organize my training around that, three workouts and off during the day shift, but they keep changing it recently so I only menaged to do 3 workouts this week, instead of 5, so decided to really destroy it today.
friday 13th Oct - monster volume session
squat and ohp superset
120kg / 60 kg 10x3
bench and deadlift superset
100kg/ 130kg 10x3 ( except for last set of bench which was amrap, did 10 reps, which I’m happy about, means this volume aproach is working)
pulls and dips superset
5x6 bw / 5x6 Bw+20kg
ez bar curl and tricep superset
volume PR! - About 12,5 ton total lifted

  • Happy about this workout, did it in about 1h 20 min time


Monday 16th October - upper day
62.5 kg 5x5 - with very short rest breaks, very easy. I plan to do 65 for at least 4x5 before doing 67.5 another try
**bench **volume
102.5 kg 10x3
supersetted with
Pulls BW+10kg 10x5 ( for 50 total reps)
5x BW 20 30
3x 40 40 - heaviest dips in years.
**dmbl bench ** supersetted with dmbl flys
32.5 kg x 8 8 7 7 / 15kg x 8 8 6 7


tuesday 17th Oct - arm day
Or so it was supposed to be, squats were for tomorrow, but working again, so they are on thursday, but 5 day off from squating seems to much for me, so I did some today

Giant set: squat/ cg bench / weighted chins
120kg 10x3 / 100kg 10x3 / 15kg 10x 3

  • 60 sec rest, was soaking wet after this.
    arms isolation
    Z bar skulkcrusher / barbell curl:
    40kg 4x10 / 35kg x 10,8 32kg x10 , 30kg x10
    Dumbell skullcrusher / hammer curl
    12kg 4x12

Feels fine, I hope I can recuperate for a heavy PR set of squats on thursday.


Last week’s videos. For some reason that one is opside down lol


What time are you at the gym? Where is everyone?

There are days people steal my spot during the 60 second break I take to go to the water fountain. I’d never dream of having two racks to myself.


That’s the beauty of it, this gym only works from 3 to 9 pm, working days only, so not many people train here, I’m usually there alone or with one or two other guys, and even then racks are usually free.


**Thursday 19th Oct - lower day **
130kg 3x5 high bar PR! - this is exciting, my high bar is slowly catching up to low bar
deadlift volume
140kg 10x3 - last few sets were really hard, I tried to not rest more than 90 sec, but probably rested a bit more for those last few sets, squats took quite some of the strength

  • Also did a few supersets of back extensions, leg curls and extensions, could use another 15 minutes but I was in a rush


Decided to plan training in advance every sunday evening.
This week it’s supposed to look like this:
Mo: bench attempt 110 fo 3x5, ohp volume plus pulls and a few sets of triceps
Tue: squat 5x5 5-7% less than best 3x5, and then craploud of volume plus biceps
Wed: off
Thu: ohp 65 for 4-5 sets if 5, bench volume plus pulls and triceps
Fri: squat attempt a new hb pr of 132.5 for 3x5, deadlift volume plus biceps
Weekend: off

This week I work 8.30 to 5, will try to exercise from 7.30 to 9 pm, and off to bed at 11.
I dont really like the night shift, except I get paid for it about 10% more on my paycheck, but once I get a bit better financialy I’ll probably look to stop worling it, it’s easier to organize life and training without the night shift.


Monday 23rd Oct - upper day
Bench: 110kg 3x5 - bench is coming along nicely

Ohp: 62.5 kg 10x3 supersetted with
pulls bw+5 kg 10x3

Dmb ohp 18kg 3x10, 1x8 supersetted
Dmb lateral raise 10kg 4x12

Cgbp 80kg 8,7,6,6 supersetted
Seated dmb flys 10kg 4x10

Triceps skullcrusher 4x12 and a painfull set of tricep pushdown after last set

  • Workout felt awesome, 90 min total, 1 min rest breaks for everyrthing except bench.



So I completely fucked up my phone display a few days ago, thats why Ive been late updating my workouts, gonna have to log from the computer but Im too lazy for it, so I might be seen here a little less, and also no videos for now, until I get my phone fixed.

Last week I was feeling sick for 3-4 days, went to the gym on Wednesdays only to return home after a bit more of half an hour slacking off with the workout, I couldnt do anything, was too sick, so I decided to rest.

-tuesday - 31st Oct workout
Deadlift 125kg 2x5, 1x10 - so being a bit sick last few days, had some free time not working out, and I came about an Omar Isuf youtube video about 3x5, and the last set being and amrap set, if you get 8 or more you increase weight next workout, 6-7 same, 5 or less decrease, seems to fit nicely into my routine without changing almost anything, and I’ll also be training with a little less intensity, so its nice.
Squat volume
120kg 5x3
Paused squat
105kg 5x3
-Supersetted with pulls
10x5 - 50 total reps
Back extensions, leg curls, leg extensions 4x10
+some biceps work, a few sets


Wednesday 1st Nov
-So I had this headache the whole day, only slept for like 3 hours after the night shift, probably that is why, decided to get some air, walked to the gym, taught it would make it better, bad idea… Only menaged to do this:
55kg 2x5
55kg amrap x 10 - this is equivalent to my 70%RM, next time its about 72,5 , then 75, 77,5 and then 80, if I can do it all decrease again to 72,5 and start again.
100kg x1 - after this headache was just getting worse and worse, packed my stuff , went home, and after an episode of Sopranos fell to sleep for 12 almost straight hours.


Thursday 2nd Nov
110kg 2x5
110kg amrap x 12 - HB rep PR! - even with legsand back still sore form Tuesday, I feel great abut this.
Deadlift volume
130kg x5x3 - supersetted with:
Bench press
105kg 5x3 - bench not supposed to be here, but had to do it cause I skipped yesterday
Deficit DL
110x3, 115kg x 4x3 supersetted with
CG bench
100kg 5x3
Pulls 10x5 for 50 total .supersetted with:
Dips 20kg 5x5 and after these 5 sets, pulls with:
Dmbl bench press 30kg 10,10,8,8,8
-After this did a quick four super sets of tricep pushdown and dmbl biceps, with fourth set being drop set for a big pump!


Nice. That’s a lot like The Two Plate Special workout I found by Steve Shaw back when he wrote for M & S. I like this better. His was 3 x 5, 3 x 10, then AMRAP to 20. If you hit 20 then you add weight the next time.

3 x 5 and then AMRAP looks much better!


I like best how it is supposed to auto regulate itself, it keeps the intensity in check, If you cant hit 8 than your probably working with more than 80% of 1m, and that sort of stuff can fry you in the long run, like I have experienced first hand myself.
I still have some decent work in the 80-90% range though, with these sets of 3 for volume.