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Armin Wins Dj Mag No1 DJ


My favorite artist of them all has won it finally... so congratz to Armin!


i have uploaded his lattest ASOT radio show .. incase u guys wanna listen to the absolutely kick ass tunes he plays :wink:.. second hour is just so special heard it 6times since friday already =D..

here is link: http://oscarhs.customer.netspace.net.au/Armin_Van_Buuren_-_A_State_of_Trance_323_(DI.FM)-10-25-2007-TT/

.cue is included also for car listening pleasure :]


Nice, Tiesto will be back up there though.


Awesome. He deserves it.


I voted Desyn masiello. Sasha is also a long time fave.


Armin No.1

Well deserved place.. Should have won last year as well..

Now bring on Armin Only 2008 event :smiley:


:D, i hope he returns in 2008 again to Australia, that 6hour set here in melbourne was so damn good, i can share the videos here for those that are interested :wink: its of high quality about 60mins worth of the event.


Plx do :smiley:

Would love to have it


ill pm you the ftp link for it..


I haven't looked at that list in years. I see it's still a joke.


Saw Armin in a near 3 hour set in Edmonton last year. Cant wait till he comes around again next time. Definately at the top of my list.


Tiesto's In search of sunrise and Magik series will always be at the top of my list as they were the first albums to introduce me to trance. Armin did an awesome job with this ASoT though.

Anyone else listen to this stuff while working out?


Good thread.

T-Nation also stands for Trance Nation

Hell yeah!!

Legs and Back = Trance

Chest and Arms = Hip Hop


ohh yes bro, since about 2years man, always pump asot :wink: or some album if the show was boring. But this weeks show's second hour I've heard 11 times already .. i totally love Armin.. if i had to be gay for 1 person it would be him.

ps: no I'm not gay, and i think that comment isn't gay either :stuck_out_tongue:



It's not gay, it's gheeey!

Shit dude you need to be converted back.


Max Graham vs Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart Videoclip


some more
Armin FTW!