Armidex During Cycle

I am planning on running 500 mg of test cyp a week for 10 weeks and 75 mg of anadrol a day 5 weeks. I have Nolva and clomid for pct or if I get any gyno reactions. I have a bottle of armidex and wondering how much I should take during the cycle or if I should wait until I get any gyno reactions?

Take bloods before and during cycle before blindly introducing AI.

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Bloods are not always easy to get, especially mid cycle. Where I’m from in the US, they have to be ordered by an MD from the state. If you get them during cycle, those records will permanently be on your chart on a regional health exchange. My routine testosterone bloods have caused other providers to question me when it has no relation to my treatment. This results in guys like this asking bro science questions, it may be all they have.


So my bro science answer to your question, monitor your response to the cycle for E2 symptoms. Don’t introduce the AI proactively. For me, 0.125 once or twice per week is plenty if I’m blasting to keep symptoms at bay. This small amount though will keep my E2 low, in the teens when I am doing my routine TRT bloods. If you’re not familiar with symptoms, do the search function at the top.


True, depends on your state. Mine its easy, but I’m also not sure I agree with the pull bloods in the middle of a 10 week cycle theory. For starters the anadrol doesn’t aromatize but any issues caused by it would be about done by mid cycle since you are stopping after 5 weeks. Test Cyp at 500mg alone is borderline in needing the AI for many users. I used to run 4-500mg and get slight E2 issues but instead of an AI, I liked adding in a DHT compound to counteract it.

At any rate, nobody can answer that but you would likely NOT tank your levels on a very low dose of AI with running 500mg of Test per week but Anadrol is a DHT.


That’s gonna be up to your symptoms and labwork. Guys are all over the map for how they react to AAS and AI use, so just start low and get labs often

You can order home test kits, right? I’ve been using those lately, no doctor involved at all. I could go to walk-in lab as well, but I understand that’s not an option for you, or everyone.

During the first cycle I say you can’t get labs often enough while you’re learning how your body responds, what high e2 or low e2 feels like, how you respond to certain AAS doses. After that you’ll have a better idea and can largely go by feel. But if you don’t track your values at least once, you’ll never know where you are

Just going to leave this here. You know… in case a doctor needs to order it for you.

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I know this to be true. I am wondering if you or anybody knows why?

New York State. Plain and simple. Everything is uber regulated. They have their sites set on out of state telemed too, which is why I switch to a doc from NY just in case. Imagine being on TRT, then state regulations won’t allow you to use your out of state MD anymore? I’m going to jump off my soap box, I can go on all day about this place. Wish I would have moved years ago.

Let me just add that I’m assuming taxation has something to do with it.

I’m seeing your people in droves down here in FL. Instead of coming down for the winter though they seem to be staying…. And still voting democrat.


Yep. I would have done the same, outside of the voting Dem. I have some friends that moved there years ago. They laugh at me every winter, every time I do my taxes, every time they go to the shooting range, and pretty much every other day lol.


My mother-in-law lives in Vero Beach. I like to call it freedom land.

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this topic is interesting, how different things and also prices are everywhere… where i live, people believe US is this dream land gold mine, where everyone has food enough to be fat, and everything is easy to get… so this is super interesting for me…
in my 3rd poorest European country we have these huge private clinic chains that offer every doctor and every procedure or test for money… prices are around 60USD-120USD depending on what you want to get - like some USG would be cheaper, minor surgery a bit more expensive. If you get a paper from an actual doctor that you NEED this, you can get in the line to get this shit free(country pays for it) but you can get it all at anytime if you are willing to pay yourself.
Bloodwork is also offered - so you just go in, say what you need to check, pay around 2-6USD per 1 item(like testosterone is 6usd, cholesterol is 1usd each etc) they just take your blood and email you the results in 6-8 hours.

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The big sort is happening. Could have been prevented if the American federal government would have been kept in check.

I can tell you that New York State does not come close to the regulations in Germany. You can’t get anything here without the state and several state funded agencies being involved besides some ibuprofen.

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Yeah you have dirt cheap med services, but I take it thats inline with what your avg earning potential is. Also, you seem to have freedom to access these services whereas @lordgains is very restricted in options. USA medical services are super expensive even through insurance. @hankthetank89 want to hear some real shit? I pay $2300/mo for my family’s health insurance. When I go to the Doctor I STILL have to pay a copay or more until my deductible is met.

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What do you get for those 2300?

A PPO insurance plan that lets me see almost any doctor. Without you have to go to a doctor in your network. Further, it discounts the fees the doctor charges down to an agreed upon copay (portion of payment) such as $50 per doctor visit and $150 per specialist visit, $30 for medications. You also have an out of pocket limit such as $5000 (not counting the premium you pay each month for the plan) and after that the insurance pays for everything.

I owe about $10,000 after my wife’s brain surgery last year. We have Aetna, a low deductible, and pay ~$250/wk to still owe a fuckload of money.

At least Aetna got to eat shit and pay the $150,000 for the brain surgery tho

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You might be better off with a high deductible plan and and a HSA. Mine doesn’t cover much, but it is $150 every other week. The thing is, that the most I will spend in a year is $6K towards the deductable. So under the worst circumstance, I pay $4K in dues and $6K deductible, for a $10K maximum in a year. I’ve had plans like this for the last decade, and haven’t come close to the $6K deductible yet.

It would be more like $600-$800 a month for a plan like this with my employer though if covering a whole family, but my insurance though my work is considered not very good. Then it would come down to how healthy my family is when determining which plan I would want.