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Armidex B/W Timeline ???

Great info on this site !!!
Been using the search button a lot and learning. I think some of the posters on here are medical genius’s (KSMAN, Etc…)

One quick question…

How long does it take for E2 levels to change when adjusting A-dex dosage ?

I am taking …

10mg androgel daily.

Now taking 1 drop of A-dex per day. (1 week so far at this dose)
Was at 3 drops per day.

Felt crappy on 3 drops per day.
When I swithched to 1 drop I felt great for about 3 days,
then went soft.

I think I blew past the “Sweet Spot”

Will my e2 test reflect my new dose for the last week acuratelty ??

Or should I wait ??

I have heard the A-dex has a 1/2 life of 36 hrs ???

So I am guessing that my E2 levels that would appear on
B/W would reflect my latest dosage adjustment ??

Pls help … THANKS !

With Agel, how much you absorb and your T levels are a crap shoot.

You cannot dose adex intelligently without your body weight and TT, FT, and E2 numbers.

That been said, 1mg/wk is a typical starting dose [for effective TRT] which needs to be adjusted after getting serum E2 test results. 2.1mg/wk was insane. Now you know the results of E2 that goes too low.

Most adex by the drop is EDO [every other day]. Try 1mg/wk, 8 drops EOD. 8*3.5=28 Count the drops per lm on the dropper, probably 28. EOD works well with that half life.

For others: Some are adex over-responders who need 1/8 - 1/4 of the expected dose. 1mg/wk will make those feel quite bad. Watch for this and if this happens to you; wash out for a week and go with 2drops EOD and see how that works.

Find a dose that feels good, then test after that dose is held for 7-10 days. You want your lab numbers to represent something meaningful, not be part of a transient change. Test E2 the day after an EOD dose. Test TT, FT in the AM before you apply the Agel. You do not want your numbers to be part of an absorption spike.

If your Agel dose is not settled and changing, your Adex needs will not be settled either.

Thanks …

Does it make a big difference whether you does A-dex ED or EOD ???

Does ED load up too much because of 1/2 life ?

Does it make a big difference whether you does A-dex ED or EOD ???
-No, both will work well. Pick whatever is a good routine for you.

Does ED load up too much because of 1/2 life ?
-Not at all, just keep your weekly dose the same.