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Armed For Combat. Results/Thoughts?


I just finished week 7 session 10 of this workout. It was 10x3 pullups and dips. That sucked first thing in the morning. But I've been enjoying this program, and I've already added a half inch to my arms. My right arm is now 17 3/8. Anybody else doing this?


I guess nobody else out there has tried this yet? Or did I say somegthing wrong in my post?


hahaha. sorry bro. haven't tried it, just thought i'd help you out with a bump... good luck


Are these the only exercises in the routine?


I haven't done that program, but am currently doing 10 x 3 for pullups, handstand pushups, and one-armed pushups, all with weight. I am pleased with my results and how fast I have been progressing.