Arm wrestling

Are there any exercises which can help me achieve excellent strength for arm wrestling?

We’re running a Short Topic in a week or two that covers one of the most popular exercises used by pro arm wrestlers (although speed is the real key.)

Coming from a family where My father was a two time world champ. There is a lot of exercises you can do to get stronger, but one of the only ways of strengthening your tendons which is one of the most important aspects of arm wrestling, is to arm wrestle two to three times weekly and
to stretch the hell out of your arm. Most pros try and pull quite often to keep there tendons strong and stretch out. So just start pulling more often and find some good arm wrestlers to pull with. This will lead you to getting stronger and better.

All right Chris,thanks,looking forward to it.
I really wanna kick my fren’s ass at this because I was 2nd the other day among my friends.I wanna beat him. :wink:

Try this movement called “Single-Arm External Rotations.”
The rotator cuff plays an enormous role in arm wrestling!
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