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Arm Wrestling

Anyone here do arm wrestling? Last night at pizza pizza I was chillin with some friends around 1am and a couple 20 year olds challenged me to armwrestled. I just went with it and beat em both, but it’s pretty interestnig. I’ve been searching the web and found some pretty basic stuff.

Just wanted to know if anyone with experience could chime in on armwrestling. (what they do, what they find works the best, parts of the arm to really strengthen, do they have an imbalance of strength at all between the arm they arm wrestle with and the one they don’t?)

have been thinking about the same thing.

all i found is that you have to strengthen your wrist and fingers, do wide grip curls and have some chest/shoulder strength too.

some times i do some “arm wrestling” pull downs. attach a single arm handle to the triceps cable and drag that down holding the elbow with my other hand.

fun exercise, it not only works the right spots but looks cool too…

The motion resembles Intern Rotation, the Rotator Cuff exercises. But what do I know…

Well I’d say wrist is definaetly a biggie, and an overall strong grip of course. A lot of arm wrestlers have strong arms. I saw a vid of this one national armwrestler champ curling 225x8 (cheat curls) but that’s still strong! I’ve started doing those and I try to do it mostly strict before I start cheating.

I got 3 sets of 8 with 135. I’m thinking of training gip 2x a week…cause my hands get a lot of work just from regular lifting, one arm deads, heavy rows, I’m starting to do more thick handled things.

Plate Curls for wrist
Pinch grip with plates/rocks
Crushing strength with pliers (put weight in a bucket, and attach leather to ahndle and lift bucket with pliers) and COC #1 for reps.

Anyone else have grip ideas?

See this thread, if you have any questions let me know. I am not an expert by any means but have done it a few times competitively.


Every time I’ve ever done any arm wrestling, my elbow joint feels like its on fire for a few days afterwards. Can’t train when it feels like that. Make sure you keep all your joints healthy while arm wrestling, or you won’t be able to move without pain, let alone own some suckers.