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Arm Wrestling


Ok, I admit it...I'm crap at arm wrestling. Are there any good excercises to help you with arm wrestling?


Curl variations and crush gripping.


Every time I have arm wrestled my rotators would ache for days after. So on top of crush grip, curls, and levering I would work to strengthen my internal and external rotators. I know there are some arm wrestlers lurking on this forum. Hopefully they will chime in, as I am interested too.


I'm pretty sure there is an actual technique to arm wrestling and not just stength in general. Aside from the obvious(arms), I'm pretty sure arm wrestlers use there shoulders, chest, and back. Also, learning to be quick and explosive at the very moment the ref starts your match helps as well. I'm sure there are plnety of pro arm wrestlers out there that I am stronger than, but when it comes to arm wrestling, they'd kick my ass into next week...no matter their weight.