Arm Wrestling

Ok, I’m putting up this post, even though I am probably about to take some serious flack in the thread. I can’t arm wrestle for crap. I’ve got average strength, better than the normal guy, but nothing to brag about. I’m about 5-7 175#.
My problem is that I can barely beat my skinney aunt at arm wrestling. All through school, even the girls could kick my ass. Now, at 23, I can probably lift 5 times as much weight as my aunt in any given exercise, but it was literally really hard to beat her ass in the arm wrestle. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?! Should I train rotator cuffs more? Triceps? Someone’s gotta know. =)

Arm wrestling requires different muscles, as well as tecnique. A nice exercise is to use the low cable with a handle…assume the arm wrestling position and do 8 to 10 reps. I have a home gym, so this is something I can do at home…in the gym…well it is up to you. As far as tecnique, do some research on arm wrestling…a lot of it is in your hand position…good luck!

90% of arm wrestling is getting proper leverage, which means having the proper technique. One easy trick to making an immediate improvement is to stop trying to pin the person’s wrist straight down. instead, pull their arm towards you as you try to pin them. As their wrist moves towards you, they lose leverage, you gain leverage, making it much easier to get the pin.

I recommend doing inner rotations for shoulders and also forearm flexions for keeping your wrist stable. Well… at least it worked for me.

You didnt say WHERE you get beat by your aunt in wrestling, That is important too figure out what to improve. are you getting pinned ? train the forearm pronators. Cant pin your aunt ? train forearm flexors. overall grip and forearm strngth is allways a benefits. odd object lifting gives the forearm a new strength impuls. focus on technique… try to use triceps / biceps somehow… analyse what your auntie does, are you pushing her hand down against the biceps. That can be pretty tough. if so, make the rules on moving the elbows tighter to prevent your opponent to start using leverages they are nt supposed to.

It’s your breathing man, I’m telling ya breathing plays a very important role in arm wrestling technique.

Practice arm wrestling. Technique is the limiting factor here.

Just a note, T-mag will run an interview soon with Pavel Tsatsouline. He talks about arm wrestling a lot in the interview. Hope you check it out.

Arm wrestle with aunty in the middle of Brock’s “Gramabol” cycle. If you don’t beat her then, well playboy it wasn’t meant to be…