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Arm Wrestling Routine?

Dr. Darden,

Recently I’ve gotten super interested in competitive armwrestling. I’ve read I believe 18 of your books so I’m well aware of the specificity of sport and the generalities of strength training. I was curious as to what you would advise as a workout geared around arm wrestling?


I worked with a couple of arm wrestlers back in 1978, but I can’t remember the details of what we did. Why don’t you list for me your projected workout and I’ll comment on it?

I figured I’d do some hard armwrestling first to work on skill around 10-15 mins if all out work in technique for both arms. My projected routine is (borrowed heavily from the BIG routine)

  1. Squat x 20
  2. D.B. Pullover x 20
  3. Squat x12
  4. Negative Chin
  5. OVH Tricep Ext
  6. Negative Dip
  7. Row
  8. Pronation
  9. Wrist Curl
  10. Supination
  11. Table Negatives (In an armwrestling position, I pull someone down to a pinning position, I then allow them to use their second hand and perform “Negative armwrestling” if you will.

I don’t think I’d change anything with your routine. It looks on target. Let me know what happens with your progress?