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Arm Wrestling Exercises

There’s a big expo in Orlando on April 16th and 17th with Bodybuilding, Strongman, MMA, and Arm Wrestling.

I’m not ready to compete in Strongman just yet, maybe another 2 years before I can do that, but I’m thinking of doing the Arm Wrestling competition as a left hand novice.

Aside from basic bicep curls what are some good exercises specifically for that? I’m thinking of maybe standing sideways next to a tricep machine and pushing it down, not sure how well that will work.

Arm wrestle someone and if you can beat them, have them use a second hand to apply extra force?

Be sure to train grip and wrist strength plenty as well as the biceps.
This site has alot of info on arm-wrestling technique to use as well as some workouts.

Check out defrancostraining.com and look in the archived Q&A or articles for one regarding Joe’s father. He was a competitive arm wrestler and from what I remembered, there were some pretty innovative techniques that he used.

Weighted neutral grip pullups (preferably with a towel wrapped around the bars)

Fat bar curls

And like rocky said above- setup like your going to armwrestle and hold your arm static while someone (or multiple people) apply force.

Reverse curls, wrist roller work, wrist reinforcer work/sledgehammer wrist work, timed holds when doing bicep work.

Magnus Samuelsson used static preacher curl dumbell holds. Also i saw a video of someone wrapping a towel around his arm en putting a rope around it and had 2 people pulling while he pulled back.