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Arm Wrestling Challenge?


A friend of mine challenged me for an arm wrestling match. i said i need time and it was decided on the 20th of September. so i have still got 18 days left. what should i do? i am 155 pounds 5 feet 9 inches with an experience of 1.5 years in bodybuilding.



Also, make sure that on the day you really warm up your elbow joint etc.

When it's a close call, my forearm is absolutely destroyed after a couple of arm wrestles, but warming up heavily with curls, tricep extensions and pull up bar hangs helps.


I kinda want to start competing in an amateur league or maybe professionally. I haven't lost in 6 years, no joke. Even then, the kid was 6'3 about 270lbs and 4 years older than me, I was only 14 5'3 and maybe 125lbs.

I don't do it a lot maybe 15 to 20 opponents a year. Easily over 100 in the past 6 years. But I am damn good if I say so myself. Big guys, little guys, guys that are "really good" and "never lose", guys twice my weight, twice my age, and stronger than I in the weight room. I'm the real deal.

If anyone knows how I might go about competing let me know. I tried to google it but it's apparently not mainstream enough yet.


I don't know how much merit this hold since you have never competed, I mean I have never lost an arm wrestling contest also but most people suck at it.


Okay thanks for the doubt. Anyhow, do you compete? How did you get into it?


If you only have 18 days you should find some people to practice actually arm wresting with.

Obviously biceps and forearm lifts wouldn't hurt. If you have a curl machine you could probably sit a little sideways and simulate the angle of arm wrestling. Work on getting as explosive as possible for that first offensive pull. Do static holds at several angles to build up stamina for defense.

Now, go rip your friends arm off and beat him with it 8^).


Yeah that's probably got the best advice for arm wrestling on the internet right there. It's mostly a contest of grip and arm strength. Do lots of curls with various grips. Keep rep ranges around 6-8. Anything you do to strengthen internal rotation will help too but not as much as a strong grip and strong guns will.

I suggest you bring a ball of chalk to the contest just so you can look hardcore.