Anybody in the T-Nation get involved in arm wrestling? There’s a fitness expo in Monroeville (just outside of Pittsburgh) every May, and I have entered their arm-wrestling tournament the last couple years. Having a hard time finding any other tourneys in the area or Ohio, besides the Arnold Classic.

Just really lookin to see if anybody else is into the sport on here. Or if anyone has seen the movie Over The Top w/ Sly Stallone haha

I’m seriously thinking about it. I want to develop a good base of strength and then start training for it.

Just keep in mind it can be a humbling experience. I armwrestled a friend last year a couple times, and not only did I lose all but once, my forearms and upper arm hurt for weeks. Not to mention I nearly had a stroke trying to pin the bastard.

[quote]JCS19Y wrote:
Or if anyone has seen the movie Over The Top w/ Sly Stallone haha[/quote]

Haha, yeah, I felt pretty lame looking at that picture and immediately knowing what it was before seeing the logo.

I don’t know many people who have seen that gem.

Yeah, my amateur career hasn’t gone too well so far. I’m only in the <150 weight class, so I thought I’d have a great shot, being strong for my size. It’s a lot more technique than anything else.

I have learned a lot in the last couple years, though. Enough to be better than my friends. Learning a bit about form and strategy can help you win a lot of bar bets with guys much bigger than you haha

If any one hears of a tournament, maybe this would be a good place to post about it. I’m always looking to get more involved.

i knew what movie it was asap.

is there any site online that has information about arm wrestling? it would be a cool event for my weightlifting club.

I love that movie. I have done a few armwrestling competitions. Try this site

and just do a goggle search of your area, arm wrestling competitions, anything you can find. Normally one place leads to another and you find something good.

I have flashbacks to Nathan Jones in WSM when two jacked guys start arm wrestling.

I’m definitely interested in getting into it at some point. When I was in elementary school I used to arm wrestle the boys and win! I’ve tried arm wrestling some men recently but I lost. :frowning: