▶️ Arm Workout Overhaul - 7 New Biceps Exercises

When you want to beef up your arms, it’s important to get stronger on compound lifts like rows and pull-ups. But if your biceps still aren’t growing, there are 7 things to add to your arm workout for nearly-instant results.

Bradford Cooke CSCS

00:00 Arm Workout Overhaul: 7 New Biceps Exercises
00:11 Bill Pearl’s 4 x 4 x 4
00:29 Barbell Extended Set
00:52 Alternating Dumbbell Extended Set
01:03 New Zottman Curl
01:19 Ring Curl
01:28 Overhead Band Curl
01:35 Squatting Barbell Curl
01:45 Squatting Dumbbell Curl
01:56 Modified Pelican Curl
02:15 High-Rep Empty Barbell Curl

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