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Arm Woes...

Ive been working out on and off for the past couple years, but starting around of this year, I’ve been on a bulk system with lots of eating and high intensity low rep workout. My only supplement is whey protien mixed with a tall glass of milk.

The good news is that my weight has increased from 170 to 195 (6’3") and my max bench from 135 to 170. My chest, back, and base of the neck have gotten visibly stronger and bulkier.

The bad news is that my arms have not gotten any bigger, despite doing the bench presses twice a week and occasiaonal bicep/tricep exercises. My upper arms still look kinda scrawny, and my thumb and middle finger still slightly overlap when i place them around my wrist, indicating a thin wrist.

I’ve always been an ectomorph, weighing as little as 150 until age 21 and 170 until only very recently, all the while at 6’3". I was always pretty weak too. My pants still fit just as well now at 195 as they did at 170, which on the surface is a good thing, but indicates that only certain parts of my body are growing, which applied to my arms turns into a bad thing.

Any thoughts/advice?

. . . do you squat? Deadlift?


1)Bench and Chins
2)Eat. Clearly you should be eating more regardless if you think you eat like a horse.
3)Squats. Deads. Rows. ->So you can look balanced.
5)Repeat steps 1-4 until self-gratification is achieved.

Yes. It is that simple.

Your triceps will get bigger as your chest gets stronger, your biceps will get bigger as your back gets stronger. But the trick is that your chest will only get stronger in proportion to your back- your body loves to balance things out. So benching twice a week is great, just make sure you’re rowing twice a week as well. And of course chin-ups, dips and deadlifts will help balance everything.
Cosgrove’s "No curl Biceps program’ article talks about this kind of stuff- how focusing on the big heavy movements will get your arms where they want to go. I think it was Tate that said something about until you can do a bodyweight press and a double bodyweight deadlift don’t worry about your arms.

The fact that your pants still fit despite gaining weight leads me to believe you’re neglecting your legs. Your gains will stall very quickly if you continue this. Like the others said, don’t worry about arm work right now, it’s not the key to bigger arms. Bench, rows, chins, squats, deads, and overhead presses get you the guns. That and food. And more food. Then just a few more bites. Then when you think you’re full, eat dessert.

i agree with those above, dont worry about specific arm work as a beginner, concentrate on the exercises above, these are most important in building a solid base, then come back here and do more research…it wont happen overnight, we are talking years…oh and EAT EAT EAT