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Arm Width While Benching

I read in a recent muscle magazine that the ideal length that the arms should be apart on the benchpress should be determined by getting in push up position without thinking about it, and that length should be applied to the bench. Now that made sense logically, but I was told a couple years ago to make the arms as wide as possible while still being comfortable. Which do you guys follow? Does it depend on my specific chest goal? Thanks in advance!

The wider you go, the more the pecs are activated. However, you will be able to do more weight with the push-up width. So it depends on whether your goal is chest size or strength.

The most you should put your hands out while benching, pull up’ing’, etc is 6 inches past your shoulders. Obviously, the farther your hands are apart while benching works more chest, and the closer your hands are works more triceps. I prefer having my grip farther than my shoulders.

Forearms should be perpendicular to the floor at the bottom portion of the lift.

I hold the bar as wide as i need so that when i bring it down, my elbo is at a 90 degree angle at the lowest point. . .i bring the bar down until my elbows just barely line up w/ the bench. hope that helps