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Arm Symmetry

I have been lifting for quite a while now, and was hoping my right bicep size would catch up to my left bicep size. But it hasn’t. My right arm is stronger but smaller then my left. Is their a sure way of getting my right bicep to catch up? Thanks!

Ian King has suggested doing 2 reps on the lagging side for every 1 rep on the other side, while keeping total volume the same. Of course you will need to use unilateral exercises. For example, instead of doing a set of 8 reps with each arm, do 12 reps with the lagging arm and 4 with bigger arm.

i think you should keep them both with the same strength curve, doing the same number of sets and reps for both.
as you say the smallest is also the strongest, it might be more neurologicaly efficient than the other so the rep ranges must be for hypertrophy (6-12reps).
I had exactly the same problem before, my left biceps was biger but weaker than my right one.
Back then i discoverd that playing tennis with mi right arm was not leting recover take place properly so it sufer in size, so you might be overtraining one arm with some activity.
right now they both have the same size,as i dont play tennis as frecuently, but my right one is slightly stronger.
i think is very important to have symetric curves of strenght for both sides for all ranges of repetitions and rest periods, including symetric dropsets for both sides.

I had (and have) a similar problem: My left
bi is both weaker and smaller than my right.
I have been gradually making up the difference

1. Always training the left side first.

2. Doing more sets for the left side.

3. Frequently (but not always) training
traps before bis. Someone on this forum pointed out to me that Poliquin recomends
training traps before bis (when bis are a problem) because of the neurological effect.
Apparently, the nerve pathways for the bis,
run close to, and are effected by (training)
the traps. (Don’t quote me on that as my
anotomy is rusty.) But I’ve found it helps.