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Arm Strength

I need a program to increase my arm strength for throwing a football.

Hmmmn, that’s a new one … I’d suggest training to throw short! Learn those quick plays.

I have no idea. Don’t you just THROW a football to get better at throwing it? Maybe some slow rotator cuff and shoulder work to speed healing?

Upperbody plyometrics and pullovers with a fast concentric portion of the movement…?

Search the archives.


Your arm itself has very little to do with throwing, expect to hang on to the ball. I’d look to core work and explosive lifting.

First you need to understand you dont necessarily need an “arm strength” program but a program that develops you such that your throwing is better (velocity/distance/release point/quickness of release and accuracy). I hope that isn’t confusing but a Quarterbacks work (as it pertains to throwing skills) involves much more than the sets & reps in the weight room. If you wish I will be happy to discuss. In faith, Coach Davies

Work on your rotational core strength and try throwing a kettlebell for distance. Charles Poliquin has his athletes do this to develop explosive power.

that makes about as much sense as “what excersizes will help me hit a golf ball farther”… i think it’s more important to learn the proper way to take care of your shoulder and elbow, your ball throwing skills will follow.