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Arm size

Is it actually possible to have 17 or 18 inch guns at a bodyweight of about 190-200lbs, but lean and ripped? I know it depends on genetics too, but say you have a bit better then average genetics for lifting, is it possible, and no roids are not involved lol.

Alot of it depends on your height. I have 17 1/2 inch arms at a bodyweight of 187. I have very good genetics though. My arms grow very easy. When I train arms. I do basic movements for strength and size. Barbell curls(very heavy) and close grip benches have helped me pack on alot of size to my triceps which makes up 2/3 of the arm.

Yes, this is possible. I have 17.5 and am around 200-205…my problem is that one arm is .5-.75in smaller than the other one. Guess I’ll have to throw in a couple extra sets at the end of my workout.

yes, I have 18.5" arms and I’m 200LBS. It is somewhat genetic in my opinion but if you hit arms hard and remember that tri’s make up a lot of your arm then you will achieve max genetic output. Also some gear won’t hurt either.

The whole body-weight/arm size thing varies. What worked for me this summer was to work my legs very hard, but really lower the volume and intensity on all upperbody work, except for arms (which had been a big weak point for me). I started each UB workout with a heavy compound movement for arms (i.e, close grips or narrow grips weighted chins). Since I was working legs very hard, my bodyweight shot up and my arms went from 15.75" to 17" at 185-190lbs.

another thing about arm size/weight equation: it really helps if you’re short. I’m 5’5" and most serious lifters my height/weight have 17+ guns.

I actually saw a guy who was a bartender here in Milwaukee who was definitely no more than about 160-165 lbs (he was rather short, and not very wide) but the guy had arms that must have been 17-18". Looked kinda weird seeing arms that size on a guy who looked like he did minimal training of any other body parts. But, I guess “show” muscles are what some people are all about.

18" arms is great but with 200lbs I would hope that you would be on the shorter side of average. I see two guys around the gym I go to with decent upper bodies and legs skinnier than my 11 year old, little brother. What the hell is the point of that?

cause i’m 5’9, and if i got a weight of around 200lbs, but solid lean and ripped, is it possible my arms can be 18 inches or so…who had the biggest arms in history, i have no idea. and what was his bodyweight…

Yes,I am a lifetime natural lifter(recently became a competition bodybuilder-3 years), I am 6 feet tall and weigh 220 offseason and 190-195 ripped (5%BF). My arms measure just under 20" pumped to the max. at about 10%BF. In season they measure about 18.5-19". They are in proportion to the rest of my body, although my calves are lagging, but I’m working on them.
Heavy barbell curls(I’ve done max of 225lbs for 3 sets of 4 reps-strict) but that wasn’t for size, just my personal limit test. Although I do use 185-205 for 6+ reps during my heavy training. And don’t neglect those triceps, they matter most. Size isn’t most important…shape is. You can have the shape that looks like 17-18". Look at Chris Faildo.

I have been lifting for 2 years and I’m quite tall 6’2" for my bodyweight of 200. But my hands are 17.5" pumped. When I started my hands were only 12.5" with a bodyweight of 150. I know, I was really skinny :wink:
My hands don’t look big, so I guess with my height I need 19" arms so they look proportioned. Anyway, I think arms are all about genetics, as other bodyparts too. And the shape is what really makes arms look big.

mike, you should read Poliquin’s article “The Truth About Arm Measurements” in a past issue of T-mag. You’ll see that for every inch on your arms, you have to gain 15lbs of lbm. And you’ll see that in order to have naturally hulking arms, you have to be pretty big.

But if you have good genetics, you will be better off and have the potential to grow some big guns without being a 300-lb behemoth.

On my small frame, I’d be happy with 15-16 inch arms. I would look HUGE! Maybe I can get them close to that size with some good training.

It is definetly possible. I know this because at 200lbs I had 17 inch guns although that was with a pump and bodyfat was high for my standard (over 15%). Also in my experience it is true that you need to gain about 15lbs. for every inch you put on your arms.So if your 200 lbs. now and have 15 inch guns you’ll have to get around 230 lbs. to have 17 inch arms. goodluck

I’m 6’1 208,with 18 inch arms. I’ve gained an inch over the last few months, using Androsol. Genetics are certainly a factor.

if your 5’11" or 5’10" it should be possible to have 17" arms cold (unpumped). if your an inch or two shorter you should be able to have 18" arms.