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Arm Size of T-Nation Readers

I was just wondering what the average arm size for T-Nation readers was.

It would be great if you could be as accurate as possible, And please post your height with that.

Mine are 6’1 @ 15.5

5’10" Tall
17.5" Bicep

6’ 215 35" long
Man you got some short arm’s

6’0" 275LBS 20" arms i can post a pic if you like but i don’t have the file at the office

5’9" 17.5 flexed.


35 long?

5-8" 215lbs. 18.5 ( used to be 20", but Im older and staying leaner).

6’ 225lbs 20" arms

Small. Everyone knows T-Nation readers don’t lift weights.


15.5’ at 5’11.

Used to be 17’, but found out a student’s best interests are served by spending less money on food.

Still same strength though :).

5’10" 172 lbs, 13 arms unflexed, 14 when flexed. :slight_smile:

Age: 17 yrs old
Height: 5’6
Arm Size: 14" :frowning:

5’9" ~204lbs, 17" currently. both arms are dead even, which is cool because right used to be 1/2" bigger. biggest my arms have been was 17.5" at 212-215lbs…trying to get back there.

5’6", 152 pounds, 14 inches.


5’9" 210lbs 16.25" arm size. same for calves :slight_smile: laters pk

6’1" & 17" (that’ll be her in my avatar)

15" arms

[quote]gojira wrote:
5’6", 152 pounds, 14 inches.


Lol sorry but I’ve read your posts before and you just kick ass with em. Keep it up!

I wish my sis was a t-nationer lol.

6’ / 16.5" @ cold flexed.

They were approaching 17" during my last bulk, so I’m hoping to pass that mark when bulking up this winter and then try to keep it…

height: 5’11"
Biceps: 20.5" cold