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Arm Size of Powerful Women?


I saw a thread in another forum about the arm size of T-Nation readers and though a few women had posted there I was still curious about arm measurement of the PW here.
I have had some people say I have huge arms while others have said I just look strong, but this thread isn't about that, I am more curious of what is average amoung us.

Flexed my arm is 14 inches.


11 1/4 :slightly_smiling:

Probably smaller than most girls on here, but I do get compliments on how strong they look.

p.s. 125


They really do look strong, Sluicy...... pretty solid, too.

But, i'm just going by the pic of you in your avatar.


Should put bodyweight too. Or at least height to compensate the size of said arms.

Just saying. :slight_smile:

Oh and pics as proof are always badass


Ok, I suppose you are right.

height 5'4"
weight 180
arm flexed 14 inches


13.25" cold, unflexed, just over 14.25" cold, flexed.

5'5", 178 (ugh).


12" gunz LOL and girls think they are gonna get too big...
started doing curls last week, if I work my twigs they might become branches one day.


Rondastarr, nice! You don't look 180, more like 140 but I cannot tell weights good at all. Nice arms!

PMPM You're growing! :smiley: and 178lbs? Wtf seriously? Must be all in those quads. All the women here have heavy weights but they look good as hell, confuses me.

DianaB, sounds good, you'll be popping peaks in no time I am sure of it! :smiley:

All you women are short so I'd assume you could get some pretty hard guns.


12.5" flexed



EDIT: BF ~ 17-18% BEI


I'm not short. I'm average. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to move up a weight class for this next meet. It was fun, but I'll be back down for my December meet.


That's right! :stuck_out_tongue:


I'd imagine the biggest factor in getting strong-arms compliments as a woman would be based on having more shape than the average female. Leanness would probably be the biggest consideration here, provided you have enough muscle to get your arms looking more convex than concave. From personal memory, I remember a swimmer in high school whose arms looked really good for a woman, and I think it was just because you could see her triceps since she was pretty lean.


11" flexed.



14 flexed


11.5" flexed
5 6'

I clearly need to work on my gunzzz.


meh, I wouldn't worry about it. Mine don't measure very big but because I'm so lean, they give the impression of being big. Yours are probably similar since we're close in size.


Yeah don't worry about it. I was just more curious what the average was and it seems that everyone who is around the same weight is pretty much the same.


yeah, arms are not my strong point.


I hear you. I'm not worried but I do need to work on them, I tend to neglect direct arm work.