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Arm Size For Tall Guys

Special thanks to Don Alessi.

I posted some of this as a reply to the wrist size thread but realized it would be good info for taller guys looking to increase arm size.

I am tall(over 6 feet) and when I go heavy, no matter how carefully I warm up, my wrists (less then 7 inches) still end up hurting.
As a result of the pain coming and going I have never been able to get my arms over 18 inches UNTIL I read Don Alessi’s favorite biceps & triceps exercises articles (I’ll refer you to the issues at the end)!
I have gained close to an inch on my arms in the last 8 weeks (cannot even begin to tell you how good this feels!!) by incorporating his tips for us taller guys (A-frame he calls it)!

Instead of barbell curls I am doing multiple (not to failure) sets of close grip chin ups.
I do biceps pose curls and behind the head pully curls (check the picture for that one, absolutely wicked feel in the short head of the biceps!) as well as flat bench hammer curls (augh!).

I also do his Triceps exercises (cable kickbacks, cable overhead extensions, and flat bench triceps pushdowns) and can do more volume (I take a modified EDT approach and do as many sets as I can in 25 minutes and then move on to another muscle) then ever before since my joints do not hurt at all.

Because of this approach I also seem to be able to work arms more often and have worked the flexors twice every 6-8 days and triceps 3 times every 9-10 days. I have stopped working them on the same day since the extreme pump I was getting seemed to contribute to wrist and elbow pain (do not ask me why).

As said the pump is unreal with these exercises and I can actually ‘sense’ the fact that I stimulated growth (as evidenced by the constant gain of 1/8 inch per week!). I know this is a odd thing to say but I get the weirdest feeling after these work outs and I can do more work every time I walk into the gym.

My wife has commented that my arms have completely changed shape and that for the first time in the 4 years she knows me (that’s by the way also how long I have had them 18 inches so you guys can imagine how elated I am to finally have them close to 19 inches!) they look like that of a bodybuilder.

I also did intense strenght-endurance training for the traps (Don mentions that if they are not strong the arms will not grow)as well as intense grip and forearm training.

The results are amazing. Still have to shoot Don an e-mail to let him know he is the man!

Check out Don’s booming Biceps article in issue 177 and 178
Iron Dog in Issue 233 for Biceps exercises and Issue 245 for the Triceps exercises.

There is hope for us taller guys yet!
Good luck!



Good to hear back form u,im the one who posted about wrist size.
I might give that program a try,good to see im not the only tall guy here having troubles with arm size :slight_smile:

Take care


Great post, Doval !
Could you post a sample program you followed for gaining that inch ?

Also, I have looked for the Iron Dog issue 233 and could not find it - can you please post a link ?

One inch sounds trememdous, I am also taller with small wrists and need to try this as soon as possible :slight_smile:


HHH & Growth,

I have been out of town for a week and will post my program within the next couple of days.

Great, looking forward to hear from you !