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Arm rip

I consider myself somewhat educated in lifting and nutrition and such, and I see this bonehead question asked a lot, but I need to see some more comprehensive answers other than “check BF%” or lose weight.

Q: I have a rip going on, on my abs, chest, legs, everywhere but my arms, primarily my tri’s. Granted i have not cycled off creatine in a while, and i am a fan of very low reps, my tri’s are also my strongest body part. Any insights on how to bring about more definition, or why this is happening?

You use your arms in most exercises, so either start a 6 week program of higher reps in all of your exercises; and/or use a combination scheme of both low, heavy weights and top it off with high reps to blast/fatigue the arms.Your goal is to work/fatigue the muscles, however, you MAY lose a little muscle/weight, but after the 6 weeks, evaluate your progress, and it will be slight visually, but you can determine if it’s working. You can also fatigue the muscles with heavy weight, especially supersetting medium weights/high reps with a high weight/low rep set to burn those puppies!!

Perhaps my best diefinition is in my arms. But, I do no arm muscle isolation exercises. Only chins variations, handstand pushups and variations, one armed pushups and variations. It is all body weight stuff. I havent dont a bicep curl or tricep dumbell exercise in 3 years, but I still have bigger arms than most, and a hell of a lot stronger. Why is it happening? You mentioned creatine, which it may be, but generally people with big muscles on a training cycle dont have the best definition. So, reduce the size by stopping isolation exercises and doing compound stuff (unless you are trying for size, in which case i’m not sure…)

have you tried pausing at full contraction while doing tricep excercises. I know you said you go heavy but do you pause just before lockout of the elbow joint. Often times body builders use this technique to add to their definition. laters pk

thanx for the replies, im going to give those ideas a shot