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Arm Progress Has Stalled...


First reaction to this post will be "eat more" but let me explain. I have had good size gains everywhere recently but my arms. I have added about 30lbs during my current bulk and my strength is the highest it's ever been, including my arms. I do direct arm work and hit them twice a week. Like I mentioned before my strength has been going up on my arm workouts and I know that I am eating enough because I am gaining weight and size in all other areas. Should I maybe decrease the volume and see if that helps? A bit discouraged at the moment, a few opinions would help thanks.


just keep doing what you are doing and they should catch up. not everything will grow linearly, some will take some time and then grow in a spurt. another thing to consider is that a lot of people think that they have small arms, but they are actually proportional to the body, its just that they seem smaller because the arms are something that everyone focuses on.


What exactly are you doing for arms now?


My last tricep exercise included decline close grip, incline skull crush, dips etc Generally hit about 5-6 things for biceps or triceps. It's just discouraging that everything seems to be growing but my arms, especially when I am increasing in weight and strength.


I might agree with you on your own finding. Maybe you need to drop the volume on your smaller muscle groups (bi's and tri's) and see if the added time off or less volume leads to increased recovery. If the muscle is not recovering enough then obviously it won't be able to grow (I'm sure you know this). Some people find training arms once a week to be effective, while others have to hit it twice. My question is, before you started your bulk were your arms already your strong part and maybe "ahead" of your other body parts? Although you say strength has increased on your arms has it increased as much as the other body parts that you are seeing a size increase in? Oh and btw when you ask a question on this forum unless you are a troll who says something retarded or ask a question where the answer will be "eat more and train harder" than you won't find too many answers. If the answer isn't exceptionally simple not many people on the site will be able to offer sound advice, sad but true.


Are you training your other bodyparts twice a week?


Well why not post more to help correct this issue rather than just throw around a snide remark?

You don't have to agree with everyone to have a conversation & opinion.

I, for one, like listening to both sides. Because as an individual I feel as though it would be possible to implement many different things into my training. Blindly listening to one train of thought, without considering other opinions, has fucked me in the past, and I would rather not do that again.


True. Many times that is the case though. Read Shugart's article, "is the device plugged in."


I would say that I did always tend to focus on my arms a bit more. My arms were definitely my strong point but now my chest and back have def surpassed it. My arm strength has increased like I mentioned but it's hard to tell if it's been more than other body parts because it's easier to move the weight up for larger muscle groups (back, legs, etc.). I think I will try less volume and see how it helps. Maybe the added strength in pressing and pulling movements, plus the added strength in my arm movements is fatiguing my arms and they may need more rest.


Yeah I am hitting everything twice a week, everything is progressing, but my arms.


There are some things that you can do and just keep trying until you find something that works. Personally I would try one of these three things.

1.) Decrease the volume, maybe hit arms once a week, make sure you still hit them hard but see if the longer rest helps.

2.) TUT - not the most popular on this site but most of the people are idiots so who cares, pretty decent article by dave tate on TUT where his sets focused on going 35-45 seconds long, supposed to help maximize hypertrophy.

3.) Do one heavy day and one light day of arms per week. This way you are still hitting them twice, but on the light day keep it simple, 3 exercises of different movements for higher reps.


STOP JUST STOP!!!! Your actualy training your ams 3 times a week. Back,chest and then a single arm session. Try not training your arms directly for 3 weeks just so they can recover u may even gain size in that period as muscle do grow when were resting. I know its easier said than done but try to resist, you were getting good gans on your arms because of the high volume but now your body is use to that, its not use to rest.

When you come back to direct arm training just train them directly once a week focusing first on mass so using movement. Try training tris first as most peolple always train biceps first. Use tri dips close grip banch and skull crushers go heavy as your strength is up use barbell curl with variation grip and close grip chin up pulling with your biceps. give it ago and let me know how you get on.


Training back and chest does NOT count as an arm workout, sorry.


No your right it doesnt mate, your spot on.However u do get tricep stimulus when training chest and bicep stimulation when training back no matter how good your mind-muscle connection is, so what im saying is this guy is stimulating his arms 3 times a week, it may not be dtrect stimulus but is a second stimuli for chest and back.

This guy had been training his arms directly twice a week which isnt a prob but hes been doing it for a long time and his progress is now haulting.
Do you agree he should do less, to allow for rest and growth?
I appreciate your honesty though man. Thanks.


As I mentioned in my earlier post I think he could benefit from a heavy/light day and less volume in general. So yes, we are basically offering the same type of advice.