Arm Pit Stink!?

Hello everyone!

Has anyone found a consistent correlation with strong arm pit stink and a specific hormone being out of optimal range?

I’m talking about that manly stink that wouldn’t bad if it weren’t so powerful that it even stinks to me after just showering an hour earlier!
I know blood work is the definitive answer to most questions…that and the search function!

However, I wanted to run this question past everyone in hopes of possibly finding a possible link.
I do get blood work every couple months on my own dime but have yet to have it pulled during a period of the extreme stinkyness.

I’m experiencing one of these stinky times now. It does correlate with me switching protocols from Test C 2x/week to now Test P/ED.

I’m hypothesizing it’s possibly when E2 goes too low but would love to hear other’s experiences.

Thanks for any constructive replies!

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One more thing, it also has always correlated with me having to piss constantly and very strong urges to do so.
Maybe that additional piece of information will help someone provide some insight.

Thanks again,

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Has anything else changed? Like have you changed your diet at all? Or is your TRT protocol the ONLY diffference?

TRT protocol change is the only difference. Lots of sweating from armpits and bad smell like when I was a teenager in puberty!
Also urinating often and the urge to pee is difficult to ignore or hold off.
I’ve had this happen a couple times while on trt over the last few years. Anyone every experience something similar and linked it to something out of whack?
I mean it’s bad enough people at work are commenting and that’s shortly after showering with lots of soap!


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I’d talk to your doc. In the mean time I’d try changing your deodorant. I use right guard 96hr stuff. It’ll last me through a 10-12 shift working outside in 110+ degree weather.

If I had one of those! I’m my own doctor at the moment and have always been while on trt. I’ll try that deodorant though.
Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Deodorant. It was created a couple hundred years ago. Check it out.

Sorry had to do it.

Try the non scented versions they cause less irritation and do not contain chemicals that cause issues with hormones supposably.

It’s Androstenone, a byproduct of testosterone …

Androstenone was the first mammalian pheromone to be identified. It is found in high concentrations in the saliva of male pigs, and, when inhaled by a female pig that is in heat, results in the female assuming the mating stance :grin:

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Thanks guys! Hahaha, yes I’ve heard of this deodorant thing. I’ve tried many but it doesn’t stand a chance during one of these episodes.

I’ll read up on that pheromone. I personally don’t mind the smell and don’t think it’s affecting my dating life! In fact I’ve been told positive about it from women. But not from male coworkers…

And I was mostly curious why it has always correlated with trouble retaining water and extremely strong urges to pee.

And maybe I wasn’t very clear, the BO smells nothing like urine. More like a mans shirt that’s been doing physical labor for days on end. But it happens to me after a short period of time
after a shower and without any physical exertion.

I’m guessing, and it’s only a guess, that maybe it’s when my DHT gets too high and/or possibly related to E2 either too high or too low.

I was hoping someone has experienced this before and was able to link it to something specific through blood work.

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My sweat stink changed dramatically when I went on TRT. Aside from saying it happens I don’t have anything for you.

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In a few years these guys are gonna have 5 baby mommas … al due to their woman attacking armpits .

Thanks again for the responses guys.

How about the frequent and intense urge to pee? That has always correlated with my accute bouts of extreme maniless stink radiating from my pits.

Has anyone linked that urge and frequency to a specific hormone being out of range?

I’m going to do my best to eliminate the guessing with blood work. But honestly I’m currently on a pretty tight budget and the rare stink events are usually short lived (1-2 weeks) so I may miss the window of opportunity this time around.

Again, I really appreciate the responses.

I myself would wonder also about low E2 causing it, especially with the frequent urge to urinate. I have had a different body odor occasionally (kind of musky) or just straight up BO since starting TRT. I haven’t really been able to link it to anything though as my levels had been fluctuating trying to find the right protocol.

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Are you messing with any AI? How is your SHBG? Are you higher end of free test?

Frequency of urination is a low E2 problem, unless its a prostate issue.

I have had this issue before. I couldn’t really figure out why, it comes and goes sometimes. But I definitely smell a different type of BO, its more odorous, strong. I usually have very very mild BO, even if I work out and sweat a lot.

Before TRT if I didn’t do anything to strenuous during the day I could get by without deodorant, however after going on TRT I notice the days I didn’t use deodorant, I smelled like a skunk in the pits, at first I thought someone in the neighborhood ran over a skunk only to realize it was me that smelled like they got ran over.

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I use Thai Crystal Natural Aluminum-Free Spray. It doesn’t stop you from sweating but it does kill the bacteria that cause the bad smell. It really works!

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Arm & Hammer Essentials works fine for me. No aluminum etc. Not an antiperspirant.

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No AI. I recently switched from 120 mg of test C per week divided into two injections. Now I’m injecting 15mg Test P daily.
I did wait a week before making the switch to let the Test C lower.
Puzzling! I’m gonna get blood drawn this week but feel the strong BO and urges to pee slowly diminishing.
I hate getting blood work unless I’ve been on a steady protocol because I feel it’s wasted money since I can’t correlate the results to anything consistent.
The brand of deodorant isn’t the issue, though I do appreciate the recommendations and time taken to read and respond.

Thanks guys!