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Arm Pain While Sleeping


Ok, so this is a weird one.

For the past week I've woken up with simultaneous numbness in my hands and pain in my arms. It's severe enough to wake me up - but once I'm vertical the pain quickly (within 15 seconds) vanishes, but returns in the same amount of time if I go horizontal. It's nonexistent during driving, work, when I lift, etc, and doesn't appear when I'm falling asleep, only after lying down for a few hours.

It's more severe in my right arm, and the thumb, forefinger, and index finger are usually completely numb, while the other two are only mildly so.

I have two possible (rough) theories.

1.) About 10 days ago I had a bad day at the gym and missed a few heavy cleans that turned into really ugly upright rows. Maybe that lead to some nerve compression in my neck?

2.) I recently (about a month ago) began a new job that requires me to stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Could this be a footwear/posture issue?

Any ideas about possible causes or solutions would be appreciated.


What position is your arm in when you're lying down / sleeping?


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