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Arm Pain from Benching


I recently started experiencing a dull aching pain in my left arm while benching. The pain feels like it’s in the bone about 2” above my elbow and stops before my shoulder. I just finished the Smolov Jr bench workout and transitioned to a twice a week bench workout. Once I get above 315lbs reps the pain is noticeable and last for about an hour the workout. Any suggestions?


Front or back of your upper arm?

Maybe triceps or triceps tendon related

Pro tip maybe don’t keep doing things that hurt


It’s not the front or the back. It’s the side.


Tricep then


Ive got the same thing, my right arm hurts when benching and shoulder pressing. I’ve not been able to train chest or shoulders for 8 weeks now. I had a cortisol injection over a week ago in my elbow (thought the pain might be brachialis tendinitis), but it still hurts. I tried dumbell shoulder pressing today but only but up to 7kg per side before it started hurting. I’ve just started on a course of bpc-157 peptides (250mcg ed), it’s the third day in. Fuck I hope this works, it’s really getting me down. And I can’t just not go to the gym, I’m the owner :sob:


That’s brutal mate, hope you recover soon :+1: