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Arm Pain After Training


I used to have a problem in the past which has resurfaced since a week ago. Whenever I train the upper body and use my elbow joint I get severe pain in both arms, I can’t exactly pinpoint where it is originating from, but it seems to be coming from the bicep to elbow tendon and the pain radiates into the biceps, triceps and slightly in the shoulder. It is mostly caused by extended sets of pull-ups.
Today I couldn’t go all the way through with my workout, I am even shivering from the pain writing this, but it will go away in another half an hour.
I warm up, I do strict form, I have an elevated heart rate all throughout my workout. What can I do to avoid this? Could it be tendonitis?(I am 26 years old) Nutrition? Drugs?

Could be a lot of things from golfers elbow (tendonitis/tendonosis) to nerve entrapment so best bet is to probably see a professional e.g. physical therapist/physiotherapist for full examination and treatment/rehab plan.

For now avoid activities that aggravate your symptoms. With a bit of imagination you should be able to find some work arounds and continue training.

thanks, I will look into it