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Arm Numbness/Pain

Anybody out there experience forearm pain/numbness on a regular basis? I’m not talking about during lifts or even right after. I’m talking about during sleep or waking, a pain that only goes away if you get outta bed and move your arms around. Pain goes right from the hands up to the shoulder but is mostly confined to the forearm area. Also, there’s a numbness that seems to come and go throughout the day, but is mostly at night at or during sleep.

I don’t have carpel tunnel (at least that’s what the dr. says) but have had this progressively get worse so now it’s to the point of getting up every hour or so to get relief. Possible tennis elbow or similar? I’ve had stress tests done and echo-cardiogram which ruled out circulation and heart problems.

I’m about to turn 37 and do work out almost every day as much as time allows, allowing for recovery periods. Any advice or if you have had similar and they did diagnose it as carpel, tennis elbow or what?, I’d appreciate it. Also, any ideas on relief - I see a lot of posts on wearing a brace at night but that seems to aggravate it when it’s kept immobile by a brace.

this can be the sign of a particular nerve condition - get to your doc.


Few questions

  1. What position do you sleep in?
  2. Does the skin change color at all?
  3. Exactly where do you get numb? The entire arm? A small section? Certain fingers?