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Arm Length and Power Clean


hi all,

i am lately trying to teach myself the power clean..

i am in serious doubt regarding the width of my hands grip on the bar: i have some serious gorilla arms.. im 178 cm and my wingspan is 194, so im wondering.. having long arms is good in deadlift.. but what about power clean?? i mean.. after the first pull the bar still has some serious way to go.. and having long arms means that you did not really pull it a long way during the first pull.. am i right..??

so here my question: how wide should i keep my grip?
should i keep them wider? or is my doubt unjustified?

thanks everybody for the answers..they are much appreciated and helpful!!


yes, you’re right, long arms are bad for the clean (and snatch, and jerk).

youre grip width should be slightly wider than parallel. too wide will make the pull and catch more difficult. trial and error is required. whatever works for you is the right width.