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Arm Insertion Pics

I know I’m too new for this, but I am just interested.

Biceps, I have no potential cause I can fit 4 fingers between the elbow and bicep, but fuck that cause I’m still not going to give up training biceps.

How does the tricep look?

Bicep pic

Tricep pic

Again, this is just purely out of interest. Like I’ve already said, it might just make things harder, but fuck it because I’m going to work even harder.

They look small, both of them lol. You just started lifting what kind of feedback are you looking for?

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Yeah, I know the size is small :slight_smile: But I was wondering about the insertion points (high vs low).

Well, to be honest there is not enough muscle and too much fat to say either way but you can do SFA about your insertion points so what do you plan to do after someome validates your concerns?

Carry on training and forget about it

At this point, the absolute last thing you should be worried about are insertion points. Do your chins and rows and your biceps will grow and crush your bench and dips to grow your triceps. That’s all you need to worry about at this time.

You need to eat a sandwich or 5


Plus this.

Your pic is also a perfect example of why competitive bodybuilders are the only people who should use bodybuilding poses for progress pics. To get mildly technical, your hand is supinated in that pose, which changes the contraction of the biceps and gives the arm a different appearance in pics.

Like we’ve all said, it certainly isn’t something to try “fixing” and isn’t really worth paying attention to. If your knuckles were facing forward in the same pose, that “gap” would magically fill in and you’d have nothing to get distracted by.

Little. And entirely in proportion to the rest of your body.