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Arm Injury

Has anyone seen an arm injury like this before? As you can see there is a bulge coming out from where my arm bends.

I first injuried it about 7-8 years ago doing curls on the preacher bench. As I forced it more a bubble started forming around my bicep area like a balloon being inflatted.

I did see a doctor when I first injuried my arm. He never knew what was the problem. He assumed it might have been a muscle or tendon that ripped out of its sleave. They gave me the run around so I stopped going. Since it was manageable and it went back down I left it alone, until now.

Since I started working out again. It seems like more scar tissue and fluid has gotten into that area from all those years. Now the bulge is bigger and stays hard which causes the whole area to be in pain. Sometimes it goes hard and then there are times when It’s softer.

This thing is reeally stressing me out plus I don’t have any insurance.

Sorry for the long post.