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Arm Injury from Bench Pressing or High Pulls

My bicep and forearm hurt especially my bicep when I rotate /twist my arm. I got bicep pain after doing a 5x5 in the bench press for several weeks in a row. At the end of my workout I decided to some high pulls for the first in a longtime. I couldn’t move my arm without pain for the next week. I do a semi- physical job lorry loading. My doctor will probably tell me to do nothing not really option but i have stopped bench pressing and high pulls well eventually stopped to be honest.
For those who helped me I havr stereostatic therapy for acoustic neuroma coming up soon
I had hoped to hit 150kg in the bench press before that in 6 weeks time. Any help much appreciated sorry for rambling a bit. No bruising or swelling but bicep and forearm are a bit tender. Shoulder seems fine both shoulders.