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Arm Imbalance

My left arm/bicep seems to be weaker than my right. I can lift the same weight with my left but it reaches fatigue much quicker. I can usually knock off an additional 5-7 reps with my right at the same weight as used in the left. There is no noticable size difference. It almost feels like my left arm is cramped sometimes but not actually cramped (its kinda a hard feeling to explain, not sure how to describe it). I’m wondering if anyone can suggest what I can/should do to correct this problem?, its starting to piss me off.

Are you also losing you sight a bit? .-)Only joking! When my right leg was weaker than my left (after a knee op) I worked both legs independently where possible, and worked the weak leg first. After fatiguing my weak leg I then lifted with my strong leg - but only to the same number of reps as the weak one. This meant that my strong arm had about 6 weeks of not being worked to its limit which did piss me off. But the sooner I regained my symmetry the sooner I could do normal squats and deadlifts again. Hope this helps you Moe.

I got the same problem as you do. But i think i know how to correct this problem now. How is your forearms? I’ve after about 1 year with this problem (yes im a bit slow), i’ve found that my left biceps is weaker because my left forearm is giving early. Like when you do incline dumbell curls, can you really hold your wrists straightforward troughout the set? If not, i’d give doing some forearm work (especially with the left one) some prioritation! Hope this helps