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Arm/Elbow Injury. Help with Diagnosis?

Hi, was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me diagnos an injury. I don’t know what initally caused it but it’s been lingering for a while now (months). I have pain in my inner elbow at the base of the bicep. The weird thing is that it hasn’t effected my ability to do any push or pull excersies. I can still do pull-ups, curls, etc as strong as ever.

When I’m squating and I have a tight grip on the bar with my elbows pulled in and back… big pain. When I stretch my arms above my head, wide, and use a bar on band to stretch my arms back… big pain deep inside the elbow.

It’s gradually getting worse but I’m not sure how to begin treating it as I don’t know a). exactly what the injury is and b). what caused it.

Sorry if this is a bit vague. I was just hoping someone might’ve expereince something similar and have some advice.

Cheers for reading!

I’m not a Dr but it sounds like golfers elbow,aka tendonitis. Going to a competent sports medicine Dr might be a good idea if you are worried about it

I was having trouble a few years ago and found when I slept on my side I put pressure on that tendon. I trained myself to sleep with my arm in a different position and it went away.
If you’re laying on your right side put your right hand on your left shoulder and put your left hand on your right bicep.
This puts the pressure on your triceps instead.

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Two years on. So far I’ve seen 1 osteopath, 1 chiropractor and 3 physiotherapists (each for months at a time). I’ve been to my GP several times. I’ve been to a private orthopaedic shoulder specialist. I’ve had ultrasound and x-rays. I’ve had 2 injections.

If anyone out there feels like buying me a new shoulder / arm / longhead bicep tendon it would be much appeciated!!! :laughing: :sob: