Has anyone done Staley’s month long EDT for arms? What were your results?

My brother is doing it right now, can get back to you when he’s done.

I came up with my own EDT program for kettlebell training and the results were outstanding. I went from pressing 2 72lb kettlebells overhead for 6 reps to 10 reps in a few weeks. Strength went up on every exercise that I did.

One of my clients added 30lbs to his rock bottom squat in 4 weeks and another went from barely being able to press 2 72lbs to 12 sets of three in 2 weeks.

EDT rocks!

Mike Mahler

I’m doing it right now. It seems to be working but I’ve only been on it for a week and a half. Give it a try. The feedback I’ve received from others who have tried it is defintely a thumbs up.

Yes. It works.