arm definition

i have a question. ive been workign otu for a few years now and have advanced alot in my legs and have not really paid attetion to other parts of my body primarily my chest and arms. right now im working out my chest and arms on mon wed and fri. i do the pop em out mucle workout for the chets and arms. in addtion to that for the chest i do 4 sets of 8 reps doing the dumb bell pullover and do decline benching too. for the arms i do one arm reverse cable pulldown 4 sets of 8 reps and dumb bell kickbakcs 4 sets of 8 reps. now in additon to hopefully gaining soem size, how do i get definition so i can see more muscle and less water. my overall bodtfay is around 6-8%

  1. You are training chest and arms with too much frequency.

  2. Your choice of exercises leaves a lot to be desired. You’re unfortunately wasting your time. Drop those and pick up a compound movement like dips or close grip benches.

  3. If you have no definition in your arms YOU ARE NOT 6-8%.

Listen to Thunder and obey.

Start reading Chad Waterbury’s articles at T-mag. Follow them. Get big. Get strong. 'Nuf said.

Listen to Thunder. He be smart.

Definitely do dips. Also, the thing that got me good for tris was using a rope and doing pushdowns or facing away from the machine, bending over and doing overhead extensions. You can use the supinated grip pulldowns for tris, but they won’t be a huge mass builder, and neither is kickbacks.

3. If you have no definition in your arms YOU ARE NOT 6-8%

ahh yeah, or your arms are skiiiiiny.

Go for compound movts and heavy load for bigger arms (he says as if he has big arms hahaha)

I’ve had great results with doing seated 1/2 presses for tris. Use a military press station or put a seat in a squat rack and set the pins so the bar is about eye level. Now do military presses, making sure you touch the pins at the bottom of each rep.

eye level is only 2 inches away from where you’re supposed to go on regular military presses. You’d want to do lockouts instead, and not go down so low.

Ok, as described by Chucky P from

Set up an adjustable incline bench inside a power rack with the inclination of the bench being at 80-90 degrees in relation to the ground. (The seat portion should be angled, too, so that you won’t slip off when executing the exercise.) Adjust the pins in the power rack so that the bar is at hairline level for the starting position. Your grip on the bar should be about shoulder width. The elbows should be pointing outward.

Simply press the weight up as if you were doing a conventional press. However, make sure that you use a “dead stop” in the bottom position. In other words, let the weight come to a complete stop against the pins. I’ve found using dead stops ranging from two to four seconds in the bottom position to be the most effective with this exercise. They will help you build up the triceps, as each rep forces you to fight against inertia. A recommended tempo for this exercise would be 221 (two seconds to lower, a two-second pause, followed by a one-second lift) or 321, depending on your arm length.

Check the link for pics of this being performed!