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Arm Definition


Hi guys,

I know there is a lot of controversy over spot reducing etc, but I am curious to know if anyone out there, through experience and great knowledge, can advise on some techniques to tone my arms up? I have very big arms and the definition is slightly there, but I would much prefer to have them chiseled up a bit more over the size. Every other body part is much more defined then my arms.

I do bi's and tri's together once a week doing about 3-4 exercises / 3-4 sets for each muscle and reps are in the 8-12 range with high intensity.

I am hoping someone can chime in.



Gonna hafta lose some weight my friend.



That's stupid.

Change up the rep scheme (instead of 8-12 try 15-20), add different intensity techniques to your workouts (Dropsets, supersets, etc.)


LOL at telling the guy with the pro card he doesn't know anything about getting cut. You ever gonna curb that negativity bro?

So I guess if he focuses on different rep ranges the fat on his arms will magically melt away?


And losing weight necessarily means his arms will get ripped too? I just think that the idea of having to lose weight to get lower bodyfat is dumb..last time i checked muscle weighs more than fat..


This is one of the most stubborn area for bodybuilders to lose fat and gain definition. I mean, how many times have you heard bodybuilders complain that after months of dieting they just can't get rid of that stubborn arm fat!


Makes no sense and is the dumbess thing I've read in a long time.



I'll put it out there. Looking good and bodybuilding have just as much to do with muscle mass as they do with bodyfat levels as well.

You won't look ripped with excess bodyfat on your body.

Want chiseled arms, lose weight.

My arms are ripped, 17.5 inches. Almost an inch smaller than there biggest yet they look 10 x bigger. Biggest change was losing 25 lbs of bodyfat over the past 4 months and 60 lbs over the past 1.5 years.


So changing rep ranges is gonna make him lose fat and gain muscle all at once now? And no, muscle doesn't weigh more than fat. It's more DENSE than fat. Not that that point is even relevant. So try telling all pro BBers that they must be doing it wrong, they shouldn't have to lose weight to get ready for competition, all they have to do is change their rep ranges.


It isn't loosing weight, its loosing fat. There is a difference. And yes. In order to get a lower body fat you have to loose weight. Because fat makes up part of that weight and loosing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is close to impossible.

How do you not know this?

I actually find arms are leaner than everywhere else, lower back and abs is where my issues are at!


How so? If he loses weight, then that means he might not only be losing fat but muscle as well, unless he knows what he is doing so I guess it depends on the person, diet, training, etc. And just because your gaining weight doesn't mean your gaining all 100% body fat.


If I could do it over too, as a beginner before lifting weights I would have gotten lean as shit and then entered the gym.




Losing fat will mean exactly that. An overall reduction in body fat will increase definition everywhere, including his arms.


What are you even saying?

If the guy wants to see more definition in his arms, he needs to lose bodyfat. Unless he's a genetic freak that can lose BF and simultaneously gain muscle quickly (which he prob isn't since he needs to lose fat to see definition in his arms, no offense OP nearly no one is), he won't do that.

If your theory were true, then no bodybuilder would ever diet down for a contest, they all would be able to just cut up at the weight they start at.


You need to lose fat to see more definition, period.


Density isn't relevant? I don't quite get that..but ok. And I never said that it would help him lose fat and gain muscle, just a idea to change his workout and possibly help his arms lean up or whatever.


Is someone can't perform a cut well enough to not lose a ton of muscle mass, they sure as HELL aren't gonna have success with a recomp.


Yes, muscle density is NOT relevant to this. Please explain exactly how it is.

So you don't think he should cut, don't think he should recomp....so apparently gaining weight will help him get more "cut" arms? WTF? Or is there some 4th option that nobody but you is aware of yet?


I understand that, but he said he needs to lose weight. And I am pretty sure there are plenty of people out there who can lose some bodyfat % without losing much, if any weight.


No dude, stretch marks... And its actually harder to put decent size on when you're that lean and small at the same time... rather just keep a decent body fat the whole time and cut to desired weight after.