Arm Cardio?

What are your opinions on that , I don’t like the size of my arms , there 36 cm in girth , my thighs are 57 , and my calves are 40 m I don’t train them directly at all now ( I used to do a lot of jump rope which seemed to be the time my legs responded , and almost a year later I kept all the gains ) I can deadlift 2.1 times my bodyweight for reps (I weight 77kg in the morning , make the math) without training for it seriously at all.

but my arms don’t grow much.
I’m also a torso dominant person in both pecs\delts and back. even with a narrow grip bench I feel the pecs a lot.

and my biceps is bigger then my triceps…

I feel fucked writing this actually , I blame it on lack of sets for arms ( I used to do two sets for biceps and a shitty cable set for triceps for a long while)

so I had the Idea of maybe doing some arm dominant “cardio” , then a big insulin spike to help the total effort in bringing the arms up to par (or maybe my arms are big enough for my thighs and strength , only arm-crazed bodybuilders answer this please:)

could it work? combining heavy movements with cocentric only endurance training could probably leave no holes for muscle growth , is it?

what are your thoughts (p.s I’m doing all the heavy compound stuff with the narrow grip , works mostly for the bi’s)